[kl-bogel] Junru Balauing lelaki terketot di dunia.

Growth Junru Balauinga living in a remote town in the southern Philippines - a little less than two feet. He was officially declared as the lowest person in the world and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Junru Balauing, who just turned eighteen years, the growth of 23.5 inches (59.93 centimeters), and he is 7 inches lower than the previous title holder of the lowest person in the world Hagendra Thapa Magar from Nepal, whose growth is 26 inches ( about 67 centimeters).

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1. Team Guinness Book of Records has made a solemn data Junru Balauinga the book in a remote Philippine town Sindangan, where he lives Balauing.

2. Under the rules, record holder must be at least 18 years. His age is the smallest man in the world said on Sunday.

3. Father Junru Balauinga said his son, the eldest of four children, has ceased to grow in their first year of life. His speech also ceased to grow, and his communication is now limited to short phrases. Balauing mostly stays at home as in need of assistance to move from place to place. His condition prevented him from attending school.

4. While entering into the Guinness Book of Records does not include a monetary prize, the head of Guinness World Records Craig Glendye noted that the team hopes that publicizing the case Balauinga help attract the attention of medical professionals who may be able to help him. Local doctors have been unable to explain the reasons for its current state. "The previous record holder was given medical assistance ... He even walked free operations, which were made at the public expense of the U.S.," said the head of Guinness World Records Craig Glendye.

5. Junru Balauing celebrates his eighteenth birthday with a cake and balloons.

6. The previous title holder of the lowest person in the world Hagendra Thapa Magar , whose growth is 67.08 centimeters (26.4 inches), shows his medal champion in Pokhara, west of Kathmandu. He has more than seven centimeters higher than Junru Balauing.

7. His title of the lowest person in the world Hagendra Thapa Magar was on his eighteenth birthday on Oct. 14, 2010.

8. Edward Nino Germandez title holder was the lowest person in the world in a short period from March to October 2010, between the death of the previous record holder and eighteenth Hagendra Thapa Magar.

9. Heh Pingping from China won the title of the lowest person in the world in January 2007. In 2010, he died of heart disease at age 21. His height was 74 centimeters (2 feet and 5 inches).

10. Heh Pingping was known throughout the world. In this picture he is close to Bao Sinshun, which was the title holder of the tallest man in the world until September 2009. His height is 2 meters and 36 centimeters (7 feet 9 inches).

11. Heh Pingping near Kozenom Sultan of Turkey, the next title holder's tallest man in the world. His height - 246, 5 inches (8 feet 1 inch).

12. The first holder of the title of the lowest person in the world, whose growth and age were officially documented by representatives of the Guinness Book of Records - Guy Mohammed from New Delhi, India. His height was only 57 centimeters. Ki Mohammed died at the age of forty years in 1997 because of breathing problems caused by the abuse of tobacco.

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