[kl-bogel] Journalist Day - Congratulations only fair! (16 photos)

Yesterday, June 6, the women's movement FEMEN carried out an action to the Day of the journalist of "Down with jeans!".

Activists took off jeans at all, and urged journalists to do the same!

The purpose of the action - not only to express respect for Ukrainian journalists on the day of their professional holiday, but also remind ulcers corroding their profession. This is a dictatorship owners publications and channels, custom articles and stories, proplachennaya loyalty, that is all that combined the word "jeans". FEMEN calls on the fourth power in Ukraine is not upodobatsya the previous three and banish corruption from their profession

Activists FEMEN publicly released from jeans and urged journalists to follow their example. FEMENistki unfurled banners "Jeans worse than censorship," "How much is it?", "Do not pay and did not order", "Jeans - selling girl ',' Congratulations only fair," "Hack the truth."
"Barbosa with money, whether it's from the Ukraine, or from abroad, should not recite us proplachennye news, shaping public opinion in favor of their interests. The main threat to freedom of speech in Ukraine - it is not explicit political censorship, but a trivial "zakazuha" which omits the fourth estate to the level lackeys ", - said the leader FEMEN Anna Gutsol.
There is no major international publication or broadcaster, who did not covered the movement FEMEN, the last three years none of them have plagued the movement pricelist inform services. FEMEN encourages national journalism to take an example from Western standards of journalistic ethics and professionalism - is the main condition for the European course of Ukraine. Happy Holidays!


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