[kl-bogel] ISS and the "Endeavour": a portrait in memory



06/08/2011, USA | Today NASA released a series of unique images moored to the ISS the shuttle "Endeavour." The pictures were taken by Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli on board the lander , "Union TMA-20" , May 23 when his crew returned to Earth. Safety rules, "the Union" can not move around the station when the shuttle docked to it. At this time, "Union" went up to 200 meters from the ISS and hovered around her. What made it possible, as they say, first make such shots - ISS together with the American shuttle. At this point, the station was flying above the Earth at an altitude of 355 km at a speed of 27 000 km / h.

Photos: © REUTERS / NASA

PS One of the pictures in high resolution for scrutiny details of the station (3500h2333, 832KB)

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