[kl-bogel] Interesting facts about Russia (11 photos)

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Nevyansk tower and lightning

Nevyansk tower located in the Sverdlovsk Region, was equipped with a lightning rod for quarter of a century before it was designed by Benjamin Franklin.

Nevyansk inclined tower. At an altitude of just under 60 meters, vertical deviation of almost 2 meters!

Engines for the company "Daimler"

Engines for the company "Daimler" has developed a Russian engineer Boris Lutsk. Under the agreement, each side of automobile engines was mounted sign "Lutsk-Daimler," but "Daimler" misappropriated a patent itself.

Racing Mercedes 120PS (1906), equipped with in-line six-cylinder engine. Authorship is credited to Boris Lutsk Motor:

Hymn of the royal family of Thailand

Hymn of the royal family of Thailand, who was the official anthem until 1932, written to the music of Russian composer Peter Shchurovsky.


Many leading scientists and engineers in the world, were Russian. Apple and Lodygin invented the first electric light bulb, Popov - wireless telegraph, Sikorsky helicopters and bomber created, Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky invented a color photograph, and Zworykin - the TV.

The world's first VCR

The world's first video recorder appeared in 1956. Its founder was an American company "Ampeks» (AMPEX), the founding father whose name was Alexander Mikhailovich Ponyatovym. "AMP" - this is the first letters of its name, middle name and surname. And since before the Revolution he was a colonel in the royal army, he had a right to appeal to "Your Excellency" in English Exellence.

Testing of the first plane

As is conclusively proven historical documents, the first aircraft was tested by Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaisky twenty years before the Wright brothers. This model of the world's first airplane Mozhaiskii:

The founders of Hollywood

Two of the five founding fathers of Hollywood came from Russia. In particular, the founders of the «MGM» Goldwyn and Mayer. Meyer before the end of life not so good speaking in English with difficulty reading scripts

Chanel № 5

The famous fragrance «Chanel № 5" was not invented by Coco Chanel, and Russian émigré Verigin perfumer who has worked in the perfume department of "Chanel" with Muscovites Ernest Beaux.

Russian roots of the actors

Russian roots are from David Duchovny, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Spielberg, Natalie Portman, Milla Yovovoch, Winona Ryder and Sean Penn. The great-grandmother of actress Whoopi Goldberg was born in Odessa.

Artificial heart

The first artificial heart, too, was created in Russia. The device is designed and tested on animals in 1936, Vladimir Demikhov. Electric motor for the heart he had bought with the money he sent parents a new suit.

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