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In their homeland burns war raging economic crisis, continued political opposition or environmental collapse. They decided to leave - or they simply had no choice. They are called migrants, refugees or displaced persons. All these items are very conditional, as facts often can be folded so that a person falls under all three categories, or if there is any combination of them. In the new countries that have become for these people to a new home, they are very often confronted with manifestations of hostility, discrimination or outright hostility.

Host countries are burdened with economic and political consequences of the appearance of immigrants at the time, as a country whose inhabitants choose for themselves another home, complaining about the "brain drain" and the important human resources. Immigration remains a pressing issue in U.S. presidential race, and waves of new arrivals from Libya to Italy to make the European Union consider the revision of legislation concerning the Schengen zone. We offer photo galleries, which are pictures of a small fraction of the two hundred and fourteen million people worldwide who were forced to look for a different home.

(47 photos)

1. Rescuers help people at sea after the boat, which was carrying about 250 migrants, crashed into the rocks as they tried to enter the port of Pantelleria, an island off the southern coast of Italy on April 13. Italy tried in vain to cope with the massive influx of immigrants from North Africa, many of whom risked their lives to go out in stormy waters of the Mediterranean sea in makeshift boats.

2. Immigrants from Latin America and Asia are seen inside the truck, traveling in the U.S.. They were discovered by X-ray equipment to police the Mexican state of Chiapas, Mexico, May 18. Police discovered more than 500 immigrants in the two trucks at a checkpoint.

3. Refugees from the ethnic group Guere sitting with their belongings inside the temporary camps set up in the Catholic Church in Duékoué, Côte d'Ivoire, on 18 May. The refugees were expelled from their homes by soldiers or ethnic militia during the post-election conflict and power struggle between former President Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara his opponent. Some of the more than twenty-seven thousand people are still too frightened to return home.

4. The fire covers the building of detention center displaced Villawood in Sydney on April 21. The building caught fire during the protests of people who demanded asylum.

5. Asylum seekers, sit on the roof of a building in Villawood during the protests on April 21.

6. Tunisian potential immigrants who were evacuated from the Italian island of Lampedusa and placed in a reception center in Manduria, jump over a fence to escape from the camp on April 1. The Italian government has prepared a plan to accommodate more than ten thousand workers on a temporary basis, until their repatriation to Tunisia.

7. Syrian soldiers are preparing to hand an elderly Syrian woman representatives of the Lebanese army, as she was arrested on the Syrian side of the border in the village of Arida when trying to walk across the border in northern Lebanon on May 19. The family of a woman has already left their homes for fear of violence as a result of protests against the current regime in their country, leaving it to save itself.

8. Afghan asylum seekers were detained by maritime police patrol boat near the island of Java on the way to Australia. In this picture, they go to their temporary refuge upon arrival at the port of Tanjung Perak in Surabaya, Indonesia, May 2. Indonesia is one of the major transshipment points for the Afghans, as well as residents of Iranian and Iraqi asylum seekers in Australia.

9. This woman, a potential immigrant, arrived in Lampedusa in the hospital on March 26. When the boat which was carrying about 350 African migrants from Libya, approached the Italian coast, it crashed. Ethiopian woman, her newborn child and the spouse of a helicopter rescued an Italian navy.

10. A policeman urges Georgina Perez and other illegal immigrants who blocked traffic in Atlanta. leave voluntarily. Otherwise, they risk arrest during a protest demanding the rights to higher education for illegal immigrants.

11. Boat Tunisian potential immigrants arrive on Lampedusa on 26 March. The large influx of immigrants from Tunisia to the Italian island began after the expulsion of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in the middle of January.

12. Italian soldiers helping the Tunisian migrant worker who is injured while trying to escape from a refugee camp on Lampedusa, a tiny Italian island, which is close to North Africa. Thousands of migrants arrived on Lampedusa in recent weeks.

13. Ethiopian immigrants fleeing violence in Libya, are expected in the detention center displaced Lister in Hal Far, Malta, April 19.

14. Ethiopian immigrants hold in the hands of her child, who two weeks old, in the detention center displaced Lister in Hal Far, Malta, April 19.

15. Julie Ngor worked as a waitress at the restaurant "Red Rose" which specializes in Cambodian, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, Palin Plaza in Lowell, Mass., Feb. 5, 2010. City of Lowell, working with MIT to investigate the possibility of a successful ethnic-specific areas, such as, for example, Chinatown. In Lowell, trying to create an area with immigrants from Cambodia. Authorities hope that this will help attract tourists and raise the city's economy and help middle-aged city to update its look.

16. The customs officer shall watch from the international border in Nogales, Arizona, USA.

17. More than a thousand people, most of whom were African immigrants, are in the queue at the port Misraty, Libya, May 4, waiting for landing aboard the International Organization for Migration.

18. About 250 immigrants in a boat approaching a small Italian island of Lampedusa on May 6.

19. Young people check the boat on the beach in Kram, Tunisia, May 10

20. Living in Honduras waiting in line to fill out immigration card upon arrival at the airport in Tegucigalpa on April 6. They were deported by U.S. immigration service. 45,907 Hondurans were deported from the United States in 2010. By the time when this photo was taken, 9,143 people were deported from the beginning of this year.

21. Two Greek Roma are looking for scrap metal in the ruins of Albanian Roma slums on the outskirts of Athens on April 9. Greek police said two people were shot to death and three wounded during a firefight with the refugees, which occurred at the dump on the outskirts of Athens. The victims were probably Asian immigrants who got into a quarrel with the Albanian Roma, not divide the territory.

22.Evreyskie immigrants from Ethiopia on holiday seder, which is held in an immigration center in Mevasseret Zion, Israel, April 14. It was the first Seder, which these immigrants have noted, in the territory of Israel.

23. Illegal immigrants are visible on the monitor night vision device, owned by the Hungarian Border Guards, on the southern border with Serbia, June 25, 2008. The British and Hungarian police have been informed that April 19, 2011 was raided by the smugglers, who evacuated thousands of Vietnamese in Europe. Ninety-eight smugglers, and other members of the criminal organization were arrested since the start of the project to arrest in 2009.

24. An illegal immigrant, accompanied by police after hearing a writ of habeas corpus delivery to determine the lawfulness of his detention at the Palace of Justice in Quito, Ecuador, on April 19. Ecuadorean judge reviewed the petition of twenty-one citizen of Sri Lanka and three Pakistani nationals who were arrested on suspicion of violating immigration rules.

25. Iranian illegal immigrants with a child who was arrested with dozens of others after their boat arrived at the beach of Java, in the heart of the content of displaced persons and immigrants in Silakape, Indonesia, April 26.

26. Demonstrantka shouting slogans in front of the Mexican Congress in Mexico City on April 26 during a protest, which was organized by immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, protesting against the Mexican immigration law.

27. Demonstrators at the rally on May 1 in Los Angeles. Thousands of people took to the streets demanding reform of immigration laws.

28. An immigrant from Guatemala, Julio Cesar, on his bed in the only shelter for immigrants and displaced persons in Mexico City on May 4. A group of 35 immigrants from Central America, expects the shelter promised by the Mexican authorities issuing visas.

29. Romanian border guard checks the train to the border with Moldova. Romania is trying to convince the EU that it is worthy to enter the European visa-free zone in 2011.

30. People on the rocks of Christmas Island in Australia during the rescue operation to evacuate passengers crashed the boat (in background) 15 December 2010. Australian police have accused the organizer of the export of people in the smuggling of people after the collapse of the boat, which killed forty-eight illegal refugees.

31. The woman at the crime scene in central Athens on May 12. Ultra-right groups held a series of anti-immigrant attacks that caused the condemnation by the society. Man who became a victim of the attack and killed to take his camera when he drove his pregnant wife to the hospital. Evidence that the murder involved immigrants, were found. Police are also investigating the murder of an immigrant from Bangladesh, which occurred in a nearby district.

32. A spokeswoman for the Red Cross with a child in the southern Spanish port Motrya May 15. About sixty-five immigrants, including which twenty five men, thirty women and ten children, were detained on board a fishing boat from the Spanish coast while trying to sail to Europe from Africa.

33. Palestinian boy plays on the background of the refugee houses rebuilt by the UN forces for Palestinian refugees in Nahr al-Bared, north Lebanon, on April 19.

34. Octogenarian Adar Gul, an Afghan refugee who works paver bricks in a brick factory on the outskirts of Islamabad. Photo taken on May 16.

35. Palestinian demonstrators hurl stones at Israeli border police during the conflict, which occurred in the refugee camp of Shuafat on the outskirts of Jerusalem on May 15, during the holiday mark the Palestinians Nakba, or catastrophe - so they are exactly what happened in 1948, the establishment of the State of Israel.

36. Israeli border guards detain a Palestinian demonstrator during a conflict in the camp of Shuafat.

37. May 19. Somali refugee children is at the makeshift homes in the area of ​​Mogadishu, where they are forced to live as their home was wiped out by flooding.

38. March 15. Tens of thousands of refugees who fled their villages because of the conflict between the Sudanese government and rebels in camps for refugees and displaced persons in North Darfur. More than seventy thousand people fled the conflict in Sudan's western region over the past three months, bringing the number of people to refugee camps has increased by more than a third, say officials of the United Nations

39. Somali refugee woman in burqa during a protest against the actions of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in New Delhi on May 16. Refugees are required any intervention of the local community or voluntary repatriation or resettlement in a third country.

40. Farmer Felix Sanchez drinking water on the farm, growers of onions, in Lyons, GA. In the U.S., raising fears that new legislation should prohibit illegal immigrants to come to work and to give local police more powers could alienate the Mexican workers.

41. Working with buckets loaded bow at the truck at a farm in Lyons, GA.

42. . Myanmskie migrants illegally crossing the Thai-myanmskuyu water boundary on the bus to Mae Sot, Thailand. Refugees who had fled from the war exhausted Myanmar, fear for their future, after the Thai authorities reported that they were going to close the camps along the border, which have taken shelter over one hundred and forty thousand people. Among them there are many representatives of the Karen ethnic group who fled the country in the 90th years of the twentieth century after the conflict with the government to ban the action of the National Union of Karen ethnic group ..

43. Muslim refugees in the session Mae La camp in Thailand near the Myanmar border.

44. Libyan rebel wounded on board the International Organization for Immigration, who managed to evacuate about eight people, including the wounded, from the port city of Misrata.

45. Thirty-six immigrant Okpara with painted Israeli flag during a lesson, which she spends for the children of illegal immigrants and foreign workers in kindergartens in Tel Aviv on May 11. Okpara controls "pirate" kindergarten, one of several in Tel Aviv, in which illegal migrants provide daily care for their children at the lowest prices. About one hundred thousand of the total number of two hundred and twenty thousand foreign workers are in the country illegally.

46. Myanmskie refugees sleep on a bed in a room in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In Malaysia, the refugees, mostly from Myanmar, would have a chance to go to Australia after the recent announcement that it has signed an agreement under which four thousand refugees are allowed to move to Australia for four years

47. Young Syrian refugee camp in the new refugees and displaced persons in Turkey, near the border with Syria, on June 12. Syrian authorities have raided the town of Jisr al-Shugaur, giving another reason to fear that the conflict may create an even greater influx of refugees who will rush to the border with Turkey.

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