Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[kl-bogel] Graffiti on the streets of Kabul

A group of women in chador out of the sea, symbolizing purity and innocence. Bus without wheels, but filled out by passengers - the harsh reality of war-torn city suffering because of problems with public transportation. It is these pictures adorn the walls of houses in Kabul. We offer a small selection of the most unusual of them.

(7 photos)

1. The artist paints graffiti on a wall in an industrial area.

2. The artist removes debris dragged along by the wall, adorned with its graffiti.

3. The artist at work.


5. Boys in the inscriptions, graffiti "price war".

6. The artist completes the graffiti.

7. Graffiti on the assigned to a demolition.

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