[kl-bogel] Fascinating makrofoto

Before you a variety of images taken with an electron microscope. Photos have been nominated for the International Competition macrophotography, competition was announced by Nikon.

(74 photos)

1. Shaving cream and water.

2. Seven-day fry.

3. Mouse brain cells.

4. Lichen.

5. Human stem cells.

6. Rotifers.

7. Scales Pacific smallmouth.

8. Base of fish scales.

9. Gray cast iron.

10. Salamander in eggs.

11. Neurons.

12. Tardigrades in various positions during movement.

13. Mouth of the sea urchin.

14. Pollen grains of primrose.

15. Larva woodlice.

16. Embryo fish guppies.

17. Jurassic dinosaur bone.

18. Beams of actin - protein of muscle fibers.

19. Leaf fern.

20. Hydra were fixed on the thick film, which harbors the eggs salamanders.

21. A drop of rain on the wings of a butterfly.

22. Very polished piece of agate.

23. Head fly larvae.

24. Pine bark.

25. Lily of the Valley.

26. Celled.

27. Box for the CD.

28. The front foot, predaceous diving beetle.

29. Crystals of vitamin C.

30. Zooplankton.

31. Fertilized eggs of fish.

32. The surface of the leaf of soybean infected with fungus.

33. The surface of the wings of moths.

34. The pattern on the soap film.

35. Snowflake.

36. Embryos of squid, which 5 days.

37. Chloroplasts in algae tissue.

38. Mouse embryo.

39. Setae polychaete worm.

40. Thin polystyrene film with water droplets.

41. A drop of sea water with zooplankton and sewing needle.

42. Poppy bud.

43. Spider egg.

44. Freshwater leech.

45. Quartz.

46. Mouse intestine.

47. The retina of rat with astratsitami and blood vessels.

48. Green algae.

49. Surface of the wing moth.

50. Pupil freshwater prawn.

51. Simple.

52. Liquid crystals.

53. Villi on the surface of the mouse intestine.

54. A mixture of oil, water and surfactant.

55. Carrot seeds.

56. Fish scales.

57. The crystals of vitamin A.

58. Carpet fibers.

59. Seaweed.

60. Grapes.

61. Clothes Velcro.

62. Lobster larvae.

63. The crystals of ascorbic acid and sucrose.

64. The head of tapeworm.

65. A fragment of a wing of formic uterus.

66. Flies caught sundew.

67. Nematode worms.

68. Copper surface.

69. Snowflake.

70. Wing Madagascar lunar moth.

71. Stained brain tissue of mice.

72. Ascorbic acid.

73. Twisted larvae in eggs.

74. Testicle finch.

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