[kl-bogel] Ephesus: one of the most beautiful ancient cities

Ephesus - one of those places on earth where you have to visit at least once in their lives. Definitely one of the finest ancient cities that I have ever seen, and seen, I still probably enough. Ephesus - the city is bright, surprisingly large, relatively well-preserved for his age. At one time he was one of the most famous and most beautiful cities of the Roman Empire, and the whole of Europe in general. Within the empire, it was the second largest city after Rome and beyond, he was known also as one of the largest ports of the time. There was everything from great works of fine detail to deliberate running water, public toilets and public library. Probably live here in those days was considered a rare stroke of luck.

The traditional entrance to the hilt - a former port at the bottom, near the slope of the hill on which lies the city. Logically, to enter the city would have to be there, and then have to climb up gradually. But the heat and the natural human laziness doing their job: many tourists prefer to go to the city from above, and only then slowly descend to the former port.

They say that we see in Ephesus today - it's only a fifth of what he represented himself before. Numerous excavations carried out on all sides of the city and its "modern" suburbs can see many ancient ruins found. All the most valuable, of course, is taken to a local museum. From what he saw at the excavation site for some reason, remember a lot of vestiges of the old pipes - this is part of an ancient aqueduct, which went through the town, supplying water almost every house:

Ephesus was very large for those times the city with a population of over two hundred thousand people. The city in those days, was developed as far as can be developed at all major and important city of the Roman Empire during its heyday. We were lucky: Efes pretty well preserved to this day, which means that it is possible to study the ruins of architecture and life of those times.

The city was Odeon - a small semi-circular structure, also known as a small theater. From theater to distinguish the relatively small size (only 1.5 thousand seats) and the presence of a roof over your head. Odeon was used primarily for meetings of the city council here, but sometimes held here and musical theater performances:

Seen from above the beginning of one of the biggest avenues of the city:

Judging by the huge number of columns and the decoration on them, not just the city looked beautiful and even elegant:

Bright and elegant buildings in the city were many:

There are at Ephesus and the ruins of the Hellenistic and Byzantine periods, but they are still significantly less than the Roman:

One of the main avenues of the city - Kuretler Ave. Once on it walked Homer, Heraclitus, Alexander the Great, the Apostles John and Paul. And now every day for him down the crowd and the crowd - thousands if not tens of thousands of tourists. I still have not seen any photos of this prospectus without the people of Ephesus:

This is a massive building - once grand fountain Trojan:

And this is - the temple of Hadrian, who with great difficulty I managed to shoot without the crowds:

One element of the decor - the image of the girl, something like the Medusa:

Once in the center of the temple on a high pedestal stood a statue of the emperor Hadrian:

In some buildings you can see beautiful Ephesus mosaic floors:

The most popular local attraction - it's a public toilet. At one time it was a favorite meeting place. The male population of the city loved to sit on the pots around babbling fountain and talk about life, women and politics. At the same tap water took away all the waste products away.

Public toilet was open only to men.

The most beautiful and most famous building of Ephesus - a library of Celsius:

A two-storey facade, ornate sculptures at the entrance - the building could not help but impress:

When a library could accommodate a 12 000 scrolls, there was a huge reading room and secret passages leading to the local brothel. :) The interior of the building was completely destroyed by fire back in the 3rd century BC, but this facade is preserved to this day and become the calling card of Ephesus:

View from the library on the crowd, a crowd of tourists walking around the city:

This is another avenue of the city - marble:

It is also possible to find a lot of interesting. Here it seems to be advertising a local shop for armor:

And it's - unpretentious advertising local public house: the foot, the image is a beautiful woman and pierced his heart. Perhaps it should read: "If you have a broken heart, but there is money, then go in that direction - and you will find a beautiful woman." By the way, the size of your feet are not accidental: if a man has his leg was smaller than it is here designated, it just is not catered for it is not mature enough yet.

Another one of the spacious and beautiful avenues of the city:

All roads eventually lead to a huge theater:

It is the largest theater in all of Asia Minor, it is designed for 25 thousand people. The theater remained reasonably well for his age, and sometimes there even are held view:

From this road once went to the port. In fact, this was the main avenue of the city:

Now it is difficult to imagine that Ephesus was once a major port city. Since then, the water moved away from Ephesus to as much as 6 miles, and the sea level dropped by 57 meters. Partly this was due to the decline and the city. And yet, all the same size and grandeur of the city hit so far:

Around here, underground, kept a lot of unknown. Excavations in Ephesus, being so far:

And from time to time on the streets of Ephesus, you can see the view, recreate the atmosphere of those times:

In addition, Efes went down in history as the place where once stood one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the Temple of Artemis. And here is the place where supposedly spent the last years of her life Lady. But about all this, perhaps, to write separately.

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