[kl-bogel] Empty Hills 2011

Learn-to-user tesey wrote in his blog: And so dear friends, it happened! Empty Hills 2011 took place! This time was particularly impressed by the scale and organization of the festival (does not it?). Every year the hills collect more and more like-minded people (all of it is solely of traditional radio, without any advertising in the media).
The space of two square miles under Yukhnov in the Kaluga region filled with people, free and creative thinking, dividing her joy and kindness with the world. The philosophy of freedom and love permeated everything. WildLife enliven the mind, gave breathe and feel like a real thinking man. Man - neizgazhennym lifestyle, circumstances and causes of mortal urban existence.

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1. I will not enumerate all directions subcultures gathered in the hills. Because, as it does not matter. Hills - it is an established way of life. This state of creativity and spiritual emancipation. The concentration of positive energy, tuned to your wave. If you came here for the first time, you're sure to come back here next year. Such is the irresistible force of the hills.



4.Nekotorye my colleagues come to the hills only nudistok shoot. Well let's just spare them for this little weakness. Personally, I have this theme is not touched. I am now more sympathetic theme of children and families Downs hills (one of the following posts I will try to stop it in greater detail).

5.Kstati one of their aqua-Laws Hills.

6.A here is my other colleagues in the club photo formats "shoot on this retro-camera.

7.Mnogie of Holmovskih mamashek vegetarians or russula. And it does not prevent them from having to two and even three children.

8.Smotrish on these families and the soul rejoices.


10.Dlya those children do not plan to also have special services ...



13.Dlya crossing Hillman was built two bridges. This year, the construction of bridges festival services are not treated so lightly, as in past years. In supports of bridges and farms clearly felt the hand of Engineering. Nevertheless, a special person with a loudspeaker constantly urged held not to linger on the bridge.

14.Otdelnoe takes place in the hills folk camp. I thought he probably closest in spirit. Here spend the wonderful master classes in baking. But the folk-music ensembles at all our all.




18.Zanyatiya of hippotherapy (horse therapy). Conducted for both small as well as for adults.

19.Nu and who is afraid of horses can do yoga or meditate under a shaman drum.

20.Na festival can be found such as the guitar, accompanied by the jew's harp.

21.Otdelnoe place is there Tamera. Such a number there, tamov per square kilometer I have seen no where. There Tamera usually located at some busy intersection. And knock the whole day from morning to night. During the day, come new and because the process never ends.

22.V away if you do not have it-tama you can play on a specially prepared application tool.

23.Osobo festival takes place at the big fair. Where anyone can find yourself any suitable for his ethno-thing, souvenir, ornament, or simply paint the hand with henna.

24.Kstati fly agarics there is much more precious hamburgers.



27.Osoboe attention is paid to separate garbage collection and ecology of the hills.





32.Kogda comes the twilight comes time for the masters of ownership by fire. The hills turn into a big fairy-tale world.

33.Bolshim fiery performance pleased the artists traveling circus.




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