[kl-bogel] Come into the light (6 photos)

While the female body is beautiful and quite by itself, but the beautiful lingerie more
no one was spoiled. Not for nothing ladies are willing to spend a lot of money to buy
another elegant bra. And then try his magic at the next (and better - only)
boyfriend. And what could be more elegant and seductive white lace - eternal classic?
Only a lace that glows in the dark. At least, so decided to designers of
Company LuminoGlow.

Come into the light (6 photos)

Come into the light (6 photos)

That's imagine that you have arranged your favorite evening parade in new clothes - set a gentle lacy lingerie. Surely he will appreciate it. Then you light dims, and the bra and panties fosforitsiruyut softly, continuing to be visible even in darkness, and emphasizing the beautiful forms of the mistress. At this point, my dear should simply did fall into a swoon of delight. In any case, it is on such an effect calculates the Australian label LuminoGlow jointly with the European company M & R International - creators of the collection of unusual clothes, which glows in the dark.

Come into the light (6 photos)

The developers claim that their original clothes made ​​out of "exotic European lace that glows in the dark." In fact, under the intricate wording hides the connection of several materials - a patented "mix". To create the delicate tissues in addition to delicate lace and silk are also used fosforitsiruyuschie fiber. Recent form a beautiful pattern that day quite noticeable. So as long as the room light, no one would suspect an innocent SUPPORTING in unusual properties.

Come into the light (6 photos)

In order to lacy underwear "ignited", the developers recommend to hold it under a bright light or direct sunlight. A couple of minutes before an important show to be quite enough to shine for several hours.

Come into the light (6 photos)

Because of the fabric, brassieres and kits are available exclusively in the innocent-white. All products are manufactured in only one size - the "standard" which (according to the idea of the creators) have the same look on the young ladies of any body type.

Come into the light (6 photos)

Lover of all experiments and delicate lace is dedicated.

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