[kl-bogel] Colorful market in Barcelona (24 photos)

Visited the famous Barcelona market - one that close to the center Rambla. And it is true - very colorful. Particularly striking design showcases many - right away you want to buy everything and that's all eat!

Some likerchiki, as I understood.

Some kind of exotic tomatoes. Everyone strives to touch, apparently.

Vegetables and fruit spread is very appetizing.

Strawberry - just the whole pyramid.

Sweet cherries are also not far behind.

Some sorbets, as I understood. Looks nice, but very popular kind of does not use.

Sweets. That's popular.

Now go to the fishing line.

By the way, crabs on the Costa Brava in the shops have not seen.

This, in my opinion, the angler. In the intact form of the fish looks very intimidating, so sell the split. Fish expensive, but I'm a couple of times in the restaurant ordered - nothing special.

Shrimp, of course, megatons. And for every kind - its name.

Octopus. I have to cook it has not yet learned. They say that it must first freeze - otherwise it will be completely rubber. After that - for a long time to cook. And only then you can fry with onions or something else.

Butcher series, of course, is not so impressive, like fish, but still impressive.

This is a small steak, which we have today.

And this tiny antrekotiki that we gobbled up yesterday.

In Spanish, the egg is written as a huevo. But pronounced not as bad as you thought, but as "uevo.


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