[kl-bogel] Chinese high-speed trains (17 photos)

If it were not for the figure of a policeman in uniform baggy jacket, one might think that this is a frame from the science-fiction movie.

However, this is not fantasy, but a harsh reality - China has opened another line of high-speed railway. At this time - between Wuhan and Guangzhou. It was built in just four years and now it is the longest high-speed railway line in the world - 1068 km.

Trains to develop her speed at 350 km / h. So from Wuhan to Guangzhou can be reached in not ten o'clock, as usual, but in only 2 hours and 58 minutes. The fares - from 70 to 114 dollars each way.

By 2012 China will be in operation about 13 000 km of railways (200-350 km / h).

And our two accidents Sapsan how many develop? 240 km / h?

First the pride of Shanghai - "Maglev". Worst-speed train traveling from one airport to the city.

The rate at which it develops, can be called remarkable for ground transportation. 450 km / hour.

There are in China and other fast trains. Snow-white beauties!


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