[kl-bogel] Chinese girl saved from a huge belly (4 photos)

Yunksing Hu was born in a poor family in northern China. When she was eight months old, her belly began to swell. Her parents did not worry too much, then go to a doctor who merely shrugged his shoulders. By 4 th anniversary of the baby belly looked like a grown woman for demolition.

Unhappy Yunksing Hu had difficulty walking, could not independently dress. With the growth of abdominal circumference of 99 cm was 105 cm Kids taunted the girl and refused to play with her. Her father, who earns about $ 160, spent all the money for doctors. However, the correct diagnosis, none of them could not deliver. Then, desperate parents are their child photographed and posted pictures on the Internet - hoping to collect donations, which would be enough for an expensive clinic. They were lucky: the history Yunksing that Chinese bloggers have nicknamed the pregnant girl who caught the eye of a specialist from Beijing.

Dr. Byan Che already faced with such cases. Budd-Chiari syndrome - a rare disease in which the veins carrying blood from the liver are blocked. In the abdomen accumulates liquid, which puts pressure on internal organs. Yunksing evacuated from the stomach a few liters, and then carried out an operation.

"She is recovering well - happy the girl's father. - She has friends over, and she can not wait, when the wound is completely healed and you can ride a bike or swim. But most of all, my princess wants to learn to dance"

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