[kl-bogel] Bertujuan alih perhatian kebangkitan rakyat sendiri,syria upah palestin jolok sarang tebuan.

Yesterday, I was too busy to blog, and hands do not come down. I think we almost have all heard and seen on television or in other blogs, what happened yesterday in the Israeli-Syrian border. For those who do not watch news or busy with other things, and of course I'll show you what happened yesterday.

June 5, 1967, started the Six Day War - Israel against Egypt, Syria, Jordan, who supported the League of Arab States attacked the Jewish state. Then, Israel had not yet considered "the occupier", then it simply wanted to destroy. Generally, after Israel's victory had been captured the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip from Egypt, the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan and the Golan Heights from Syria.

Subsequently, the Sinai peninsula was returned to Egypt, wanted to return and Gaza, but Egypt refused. He and his problems enough. Jordan refused to East Jerusalem and the West Bank and under the real occupation were only the Golan Heights.

"Palestinians", which to the above, generally have nothing to do. So as such people-no, but they are more likely Jordanian descent, decided to once again manifest itself. Start the Six-Day War, which the Arabs themselves have started and have lost themselves "Palestinians" are called Day UNASCU (return).

Last month, 15 May, Nakba Day , a few hundred "Palestinians" from Syria tried to infiltrate Israel. After hundreds of Palestinians crossed the Syrian border, was ordered on selective shooting at the feet of border violators. As a result, killed 10 people.

Yesterday, the Day UNASCU, despite numerous warnings from the Israeli side, large crowd, gathered on the Syrian side of the border, tried to repeat the provocation occurred on May 15 this year. Hundreds of people just rushed to the fence that the worst of minefields!

IDF soldiers used the funds for the crackdown.

"The Palestinians" was thrown in the direction of the soldiers a few bottles with Molotov cocktail, which fell on the Syrian side and set fire to grass and shrubs. The fire caused an explosion of one or more anti-tank mines, which have suffered a lot in the vicinity of demonstrators.

The Israeli military has tried to stop the protesters, referring to them by the speaker, but to no avail. The soldiers began firing into the air and then were forced to open fire on the legs of demonstrators. When it did not help, was ordered to shoot to kill in the most violent.

On the eve of the Day UNASCU "Israel has sent a formal warning to the authorities in Syria and Lebanon. Leadership of the Jewish state announced its readiness to take all necessary measures to protect Israeli sovereignty. All responsibility for possible consequences of breaking the boundaries laid Jerusalem to Damascus and Beirut. Relevant application has been submitted and the UN.

Lebanon has declared the border with Israel, the closure and did not allow residents of refugee camps to participate in the provocations. That's the same thing done and in Gaza . In here the Syrians have done nothing to stop this insane action. Moreover, the official Syrian television broadcast the event live, and called on Syrians to move to the Israeli border.

Killed dozens of people. Syria claims that yesterday on the border killed 23 people and hundreds injured. Israel believes that the numbers are overestimated, and that 10 people were killed in a mine explosion in the neutral zone.

The Syrian opposition said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad paid for 1.000 dollars to each party protests at the border with Israel. Each family bereaved in clashes on the border, had been promised U.S. $ 10.000. It is a very significant sums for the Syrians, as the average monthly income per person in this country amounts to U.S. $ 200. ( link )

Photo Uriel Sinai / Getty Images | MAHMUD HAMS / AFP / Getty Images | REUTERS / Nir Elias | JACK GUEZ / AFP / Getty Images | Lior Mizrahi / Getty Images | REUTERS / Ronen Zvulun | MENAHEM KAHANA / AFP / Getty Images |

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