[kl-bogel] Bank. How it works. (46 photos)

When Emperor Alexander II was financial reform. As it opened offices in Russia, the State and the series of major private commercial banks, local banks, credit societies. In 1864-1873 years. set up 31 joint stock commercial bank. One of the largest private banks in Russia to the Volga-Kama joint-stock commercial.
Volga-Kama first commercial bank in the early 1870s. opened branches in C
Amara, Saratov, Simbirsk Syzran and Tsaritsyn, and nearly 20 years was the sole manager of a major private credit in the Volga region.
But financial history of Russia came to an end. December 14, 1917 the victorious Bolsheviks nationalized all commercial banks, including the Volga-Kama commercial.

In April 1990, was founded OJSC "Volga-Kama bank."

Today will be a very interesting report on the work of the bank, I'll show you all that is hidden from the eyes of customers.

Excursion around the bank started with the main office. The first thing I went to see the president's office. At the reception we were met by a cheerful Anastasia, Assistant to the President.

The Cabinet of the Vice President in its original coloring. In the study no excess junk, all for the cause.

Unfortunately, the president of the bank, Chekmareva Vladimir, that day could not talk, but they showed me to his office.

Meanwhile, in the operating room was in full swing operation. Charming girls gave loans, deposits and transfers made out. I'm an expert on the mortgage, and customers went into a new building.

The bank issues a mortgage for the purchase of apartments in this house, built in a bank accredited by the borrower, on such an apartment can get better terms on your mortgage.

A manager who prepares the documents for the mortgage at the same time acts as realtors, we rolled with potential customers, looked flat.

Then began the most interesting. I was shown how the collectors. Comrades, these rugged, pictured them as "toys."

The park has two kinds of bank collector cars on the basis of the VAZ-2121 and VAZ-2123.

Adaptations of conventional cars in a collector to do the specialized production in Togliatti.

Armor strong, can withstand shots from a pistol and assault rifle.

The windows in the car-sized significantly smaller than normal, so in dark enough, I had to shoot with flash.

Safety First, aesthetics and convenience in the background.

On, disagree, collectors have in the way it is better not to stand. In this black bag with the money stacker, which are used in ATMs.

So, follow the collectors, they move quickly, it took me a little agility to catch their photograph.

Collectors go for three. When the ATM postoronniyh collection is not allowed to the collector of money.

At the bottom of the dispenser is durable safe, inside of which are located stacker. Everything happens fast, I do not timed, but all the manipulations 10-15 seconds, no more.

Go back to the bank.
We go to visit the head of the collection, which is kept in the office of strategic stock of bags of money in the vaults that I did not specify, but obviously something important.

Undoubtedly the most interesting place in the bank - cash. Log in cash to outsiders is forbidden, so I gave my camera bank employee. Notice the gray boxes with green handles, this stacker for the money that is used in ATMs, about which I mentioned earlier.

"Supersonic" machine to convert the money.

Cashier - Lydia S.. This picture is called "six million".

Then follow the department of electronic payment systems, where they told me how the terminals.

Department of electronic payment systems consists of four sectors: computer programmers, technical support sector, sector manager (search for siting, signing contracts with partners), sector by working with documents and phone calls from customers.
The bank is a program for monitoring terminals. The screen shows the operator in which the terminal is empty, where there is no response from the terminal, and information about the cash. Which bills introduced and in what order they served in the stacker.

In the terminals is a major protection against counterfeit bills, in practice the Bank of counterfeit notes in terninale was not.
It's terminals, which an attacker tries to uncover. Peak crime was in 2010, such cases are now reduced. In any case, the terminals are protected, it is difficult to transmit pictures real picture, but the terminal is trying to open with a hammer, it is possible to see strong dents. Stacking on the site, attackers failed.

This terminal has been unfortunate in the shop "Cooperator," which this year has burned down.

Ribbon for checks.

Terminals are used for vandal-proof screens that can withstand the impact of average size.

This screen is smashed with a hammer again, but why remains a mystery.


More printers.


Stacker, the banknotes that fall in the order they are entered. No sorting of banknotes, in contrast to ATM, in a terminal, no.

Blank stacker for the terminal.

Then we walked into the room to the programmers. The guys are serious, they have in the office instead of two slots of the terminal.

They showed me the difference of old and new interface of the terminal.

The new terminal is more convenient and attractive interface, as programmers can now remotely vnositizmeneniya in the software, added commercials.

This is how looks like inside the terminal. Already familiar components.

At the request of readers, processing. All information about the state of the terminal in real time the department receives the electronic payment systems, where the purpose is divergent across sectors. Technicians and programmers get their information about the technical work and the state of the terminal, you can also view the complete history of making money until the order and denomination of notes.
For all termilam is continuous monitoring of the availability of paper and the amount of money. When the stacker accumulates a certain amount of terminal collects.

The last point of my tour was the archive of the bank, where documents are stored contributors: removable book, incoming and outgoing orders. This is an inventory of closed accounts for 90 years

All documents are kept on deposit for at least 5 years.

At the end of the retention period, documents to be disposed of.
These documents are prepared for destruction. They will be transferred to the plant where they will burn under the close supervision of a special commission.

Frankly, when I was asked to make a report about the work of the bank, I've been thinking about whether to spend time. In reality tour was more than interesting, as expected, the bank employees are professionals with extensive experience who can tell and qualified to explain the specifics of a particular department. Of course it was nice to talk to such people. I hope for you this report on the seemingly banal and boring topic, was interesting.


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