[kl-bogel] Art Festival - Venice Biennale 2011

Venice Biennale - one of the most famous index of world art, international art exhibition, the biennial, with the participation of the international jury.
Every two years, world famous artists gathered in Venice to present the limelight their best work. Exhibitors and spectators must overcome the difficult path through the canals of the city to reach the national pavilions, where the self and the exhibition, as well as other related activities.

(30 photos)

1. Ukrainian woman Oksana Mas work entitled 'Post-vs.-Proto-Renaissance', made of painted Easter eggs.

2.Glavnaya exhibition entitled «IllumiNations» held in the Arsenale, the head of Bice Curige. In this case, 83 an artist will present their work. Spectators look at the work Tabaimo in the Japanese pavilion.

3.In the this year's Venice Biennale, represented 89 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Andorra. These countries are taking part in the festival for the first time. Installation Azad Nanakeli in Iraq pavilion.

4.Rabota Italian artist Azad Nanakeli.

5.Muzhchina jogging on an inverted tank. Installation of Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla.

6.Gimnastka depicts gymnastic element of the Swallow, the work of Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadill in the pavilion of America.

7.Installyatsiya representative of Korea Lee Yongbaek.

8.Rabota Coltro and Arrivabene pavilion Italy.

9.Thomas Hirschhorn with his work titled "The crystal counter," the Swiss pavilion.

10.Installyatsiya Crystal counteract »Thomas Hirschhorn in Switzerland Pavilion.

11.Posetitel show pictures of the work of Italian Gaetano Pesce.

12.Skulptura Thomas Houseago at the Palazzo Grassi.

13. Work Venezuelan Francisco Bassim.

14. Installation by sculptor Anish Kapoor in Venice's Cathedral of San Giorgio Maggiore.


16. Installation in the pavilion in Venice.

17. Visitors can sit on the model of the gondolas in Venice Festival of Arts.

18. Work "The ball of light in the blurred woods» Loris Graud.

19. Installation of the Italian Ettore Greco.

20. Work of the representatives of America Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla.

21. Julian Schnabel work entitled "Sea" at the Museum Correr.

22. Visitors to the exhibition examines the work of the American party Taryn Simon.

23. Installation Tayeba Begum Lipi pavilion Bangladesh.

24. Creation of the representative of Serbia Dragoljub Rasa Todosijevic.

25. Installing the American James Turrell.

26. Work representative of China Liong Yuanwei.

27. Creation Joana Vasconcelo entitled "Contamination" can be seen in the Palazzo Grassi.

28.Rabota Yuang Gong in the Chinese pavilion.

29. Visitors to the exhibition about Italian Sculpture Lorenzo Quinn.

30. The representative of China Kwok Mang Ho next to his work.

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