[kl-bogel] Amazing national park, "Joshua Tree"

Amazing national park, "Joshua Tree" is located in the High Desert in Southern California. Name korotkolistnoy Jukka (in English or a Joshua tree "Joshua Tree") was given to a group of Mormon settlers who crossed the Mojave Desert in the mid-nineteenth century. The unique shape of the trees reminded them of the biblical story in which Joshua stretches out his hands toward heaven in prayer.

The park is a true gem, and you absolutely must visit it, if you ever take a trip to California to see firsthand the diversity of California's nature. National Park "Joshua Tree" is very popular for camping, hiking and climbing, who come here each year. This is where you can admire the surprisingly-bright stars. It is hard to imagine that the desert is colorful and beautiful but you should pay attention to surroundings when you're in the park.

(34 photos)

1. Joshua Tree and shadows. This national park - totally surreal place. Nothing of the sort you will not find in any other part of the world. We had a great time clambering over boulders during the day, but when the sun began to set, it's time to take up the camera.

2. Joshua Tree or Yucca brevifolia, is a huge rstenie lily family.

3. National Park "Joshua Tree" - a veritable dream of the tourist. Here, the mild climate in winter surprising and interesting rock formations, plants and wild animals.

4.Skaly Intersection Rock. The park is one of the most popular areas in the world for fans of mountaineering, which he offers more than four and a half thousand possible routes very wide range of complexity. Please note that there are different rules depending on the level of complexity of the route, so they need to find out in advance.

5. Rocks in the National Park "Joshua Tree".

6. Rocks Split Rocks. Desert. Some think it is absolutely useless and boring zone. However, the desert can be characterized by a surprising variety, beauty and fragility.

7. Do not rush when you are traveling through the area. This is an absolutely amazing place where you can find harmony with themselves and the world, the real nirvana for self-knowledge and a genuine refuge for the human spirit. Let the desert take over you.

8. The plain on which the trees grow Joshua Tree.

9. Blooming fukeriya brilliant.

10. Close up of blooming brilliant fukerii

11. Dried yucca kotokolistnaya.Tsikl of Joshua absolutely amazing .. Young shoots can grow several inches during the first five years, and their zatemrost slows, making an average of one centimeter per year. Highest Joshua Tree National Park mammoth forty feet high, it grows in the woods Queen Valley. Its age, estimated at more than nine hundred years. These "trees" do not have growth rings that are common to those familiar to us as the oak trees and pine. Therefore, the age of Joshua Tree is very difficult to calculate.

12. Cholla cactus. Cholla Cactus - this is one of more than dvadtsti varieties of cacti genus Opuntia (Cactacea), which grow in North American deserts. "Cholla" - a term applied to various shrubby cacti of this genus with cylindrical stems, which are composed of segmented joints. These stems are actually modified branches that serve several functions - they used water storage, photosynthesis and the flowers bloom on them.

13. Cholla cactus plantation. Do not you think, this cactus look like a teddy bear.

14. Opuntia Common - is a perennial plant of the family Cactaceae, native of subtropical South America. It looks like a powerful tree-cactus, which grows to six feet in height. It flowers from early April through September with beautiful yellow flowers. Grows rapidly and forms a bizarre form of stem-cakes.

15. Alpine cactus "Purple cup." This cactus blooms between May - July to red or red-orange flowers, cup shaped like flowers with bright green pistils in the center, reaching up to 1.5 inches in width. For flowers followed by fruits with a diameter of up to three inches.

16. Cactus. Plants in the desert - a surprisingly tenacious, accustomed to sudden temperature changes, blistering heat by day and cool at night. They have adapted to how rare in these parts are the deposits - and their growth cycle develops accordingly.

17. The rock "Eye of the skull." It started long ago, when a drop of rain accumulated in the tiny depressions began to break granite. Water accumulating more and more erosion in full swing, and eventually began to resemble a skull rock. Located along the main road of the park, stretching from east to west, this rock is one of the favorite attractions.

18. Sunrise over the Keys View

19.Valuny National Park "Joshua Tree" at sunset.

20. Lonely Tree Joshua Tree against the dawn sky.

21. The rock "Arch." This rock is located near the White Tank Kemprgraund parking. Says the photographer: "This area is very rocky, and I was in complete darkness (moon) in two hours. I was terrified, I thought I heard the roar of the mountain lion who wandered somewhere nearby. The photo was taken shortly after sunset. Exposure was 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Bright star clusters - the Pleiades and the stars just below the constellation Taurus and the star Aldebaran. "

22. Joshua trees at night, illuminated by headlights of a passing car.

23. Joshua Tree against the sky.

24. The starry sky above korotkolistnoy yucca.

25.Zvezdnoe sky above the cliffs in the National Park "Joshua Tree".

26. The rock "arch" in the park, "Joshua Tree" in infrared photography.

27. Cholla cactus at sunset in the National Park "Joshua Tree".

28. Never miss a chance to look at the yucca korotkolistnuyu at dawn!

29. Sunrise in the desert - Joshua Tree and the mountains. Early morning light illuminates the rocky slope to the National Park "Joshua Tree".

30. Joshua Tree and moon.

31.Strannye red fruits in the National Park "Joshua Tree".

32. The rock "staircase"

33. Joshua Tree against the blue sky.

34.Pyatiletny son the photographer next to a small yucca korotkolistnoy.

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