[kl-bogel] Amazing European field

These amazingly beautiful pictures of green fields in Tuscany and elsewhere in Europe are stunning, recalling the eternity of the peace, and the triumph of life over death. That's why as a signature for the first fourteen photographs chosen are widely known in Britain and other English-speaking countries poem ordinary American amateurs flowers by Mary Elizabeth Frye. In 1995 the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC conducted a survey peruse his audience to identify what the most popular poems in English. Quite unexpectedly, leaving behind prize-winning English poets, the most popular was precisely this poem - «Do not stand at my grave and weep» - «Do not cry over my grave, do not stand ...."

(21 photos)

1. Moravian field. "Do not cry over my grave not stand ..."

2. Golf in Tuscany. "I was not there ..."

3. Field at dawn. "I live again ..."

4. Road. "I - a thousand voluntary offshore wind ..."

5. Balloon over a field. "I am - a scattering of diamonds on the shawl of snow ..."

6. Green Velvet "I - the sunlight on ripe grain ..."

7. Sheep in a field. "I am - in the autumn rain muffled silence ..."

8. Moravia. "When you wake up at dawn again ..."

9. Gold and green. "I'll be a star that goes to bed ..."

10. Twin brothers. "I - the voice of birds among the clouds ..."

11. Pure gold. "I - quiet music worlds star ..."

12. The palette of green, brown and yellow. "Do not cry over the grave of my frozen ..."

13. Ten trees. "I'm Not There. I'm not dead ... "

14. Field in the morning light. "I'm alive ..."

15. Pale gold and green.

16. Lusinyano-d'Arbiya.

17. Again, the field at dawn.

18. Santa Lucia.

19. Torre a Castello.

20. Tuscany.

21. Moravia.

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