[kl-bogel] Alhambra

Photos of Jorge Guerrero / AFP / Getty Images

Chief Sephardic Rabbi Moshe Omar, yesterday visited the Alhambra Palace in southern Spain. The palace was built by Arab architects and is a large complex of gardens and fountains. It was at the Alhambra in 1492, was adopted by decree of the expulsion of Jews from Spain, under the threat "of denying a court and any other state protection from any criminal violations.

The only way to stay in the country, was a rejection of the Jewish faith and conversion to Christianity. Those who did not want to leave, were baptized, even though some of them secretly continued to practice Judaism. From the standpoint of the then law, such people were religious perjurer and subject to the court of inquisition, which is usually punished for it by burning at the stake. But the majority of Jews preferred to keep the faith and emigrated from Spain. It is interesting that according to genetic research, University of Leeds, conducted in 2008, 20% of the modern Spanish population has Jewish ancestry through the male line.

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