[kl-bogel] 10 Of The Stupidest Questions Asked On The Internet

Just read this , it's funny... All these are real questions from Yahoo Help!

1. Help! I can not take off my mother's bra and she is gonna be home in 5 minutes! The mirror doesn't help much!
2. I am having twins. Can I abort just one of the babies?
3. Is it true that you don't need to wear condoms with an Asian woman since they can't get pregnent?
4.What is the best way to hollow out a soft freshy fruit, in order to make a hole inside big enough for 6 inches tube.. with a diameter of about 1.5 to go in and out of.
5. Why do people call me a chode at work? When I do something good at work, people say "nice job chode" when I ask what that means, they says it just a saying, what does it mean?
6. My girlfriend has a lazy eye & she constantly looking at other woman, should we break up?
7. How do I convince my wife to allow the maid to sleep between us at night?
8. My wife want to eat her placenta. Is it OK if she is Vegan? I know it sound gross and weird but a lots of animal do it, she did some research and found it help with postpartum depression.
9. Is it OK to slap my wife in the face for not fetching my beer fast enough?
10. Can you baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant?

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