[kl-bogel] 10 most famous cocktails (10 photos)

10 place: Cocktail Mojito was invented in 1930 by Kube.rnOn made from white rum, soda, lime, mint and brown sahara.rnSnachala to properly crush mint with sugar and lime, then add crushed ice, rum and club soda .

# 9: "Pina Colada" - Puerto Rican izobretenie.rnDelaetsya of light rum, coconut liqueur and pineapple juice soka.rnShtuka terribly sweet, but, say, a Caribbean drink perfectly.

8 th place: Cocktail "Cosmopolitan" was invented in the 1920's bartenders prestigious French hotels and kurortov.rnPopulyarneyshim drink made his heroine Sarah Jessica Parker in the TV series "Sex and the City."

# 7: "Tequila Sunrise" is made of tequila and orange juice and grenadine - pomegranate siropa.rnImenno it, settling on the bottom of the glass, creating the effect of the rising sun.

6 place: Cocktail Daiquiri "became legendary for Ernest Hemingueyu.rnPridumal him, however, the American mining engineer Jennings Koks.rnOdnazhdy, cursing the Cuban heat, he mixed rum with lime juice and filled with the mixture of ice cubes.

5 th place: for authorship of a cocktail "Margarita" are fighting at least three cheloveka.rnKak and all brilliant, "Margarita" is simple: it is tequila mixed with orange liqueur and lemon juice.

4 th place: Inventor cocktail James Bond, "Martic drei, neizvesten.rnNo known that for the first time began to prepare a cocktail at the beginning of XX century in the famous Hotel Knickerbocker in New Yorke.rnPeremeshayte 10 ml dry vermouth and 50 ml dry gin with a completely dry ice.

3 rd place: In 1893 during the celebration of the independence of Cuba, the U.S. Army rnofitser mixed rum "Bacardi", symbolizing the free spirit of Cuba, Coca-Cola, a new drink Ameriki.rnLozung those days - "Long live free Cuba!" Will forever remain in the title Cocktail «Cuba Libre».

2 nd place: Motherland "Screwdriver" - the U.S., date of birth - Dry zakon.rnApelsinovy ​​juice was the best way to hide the color and smell of vodka.

1 st place: The most famous cocktail in the world - "Bloody Mary". RnAvtor "Bloody Mary" - the American Pit Bar Petua. He perfected the cocktail let.rnSeychas many of the "Bloody Mary" is lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and the sauce "Tabasco". RnA if instead of vodka, tequila is used, it turns «Bloody Maria».

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