[kl-bogel] Worst animal in the world by Russian ecologists (24 photos)


This animal is in some languages ​​is called "fish-eater." He lives at great depths in the ocean and protected by a rough, armor-covered skin and four long, straight teeth that resemble nails.

The teeth are so long that when Sabretooth closes the jaw, lower pair of teeth placed in a special "sheath" on both sides of the brain of fish to avoid being cut.

Despite the kind of monster, this fish is only 15 centimeters long, with short trunk and a big head. While eating at a depth of five thousand feet a little, Sabretooth manages to find himself the victim, whom he several times quickly penetrates the teeth.

Another interesting fact about the saber-toothed: the young fish are so very different from adults, which scientists took 50 years to realize that this same look.


Fish-witch or hagfishes - one of the most unusual fish in the world. This is one of the few who survived to the present day agnathans fish. It feeds on small live fish as well as dead and dying fish - they burrow into the trunk and scrape it.

Hagfish also has the dubious reputation of the slimy creatures on the planet. Pores on both sides of the body emit a huge amount of viscous, sticky mucus that predators can choke.

The mucus also acts as a lubricant that allows hagfishes get out of the trunk of dead fish, in which he got to eat. Moreover, the "fish-witch" - the only fish that can sneeze, making it exempt from the mucus its single nostril.

This is also the only vertebrate that can roll up into a knot, which allows it to clear mucus from the body and get out of the fish bodies. Hagfish live in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean in large groups, up to 15 thousand in the same area.

Brits are very similar to adult fish, but they have both male and female sex organs. As you get older, they choose their own sex, depending on the demographic situation in the group.


Aye-aye lives in Madagascar and the house elves like Dobby from Harry Potter books. Nature has given this primacy of teeth like a rodent, and a long middle finger, which he produces his own food, just like a woodpecker beak.

This is the biggest night in the primate world, living mostly in the forest canopy. Tail aye-aye is very fluffy, like a squirrel's tail, and snout resembles the rodent snout with black beady eyes. He has a large incisors that grow throughout their lives.

Typically, aye-aye eats nuts, caterpillars, nectar, fruits, seeds, mushrooms, making it the omnivores. He also picks fruit from the trees, and usually does so on the go. It was once believed that the aye-aye extinct, but in 1961 the animal is again found in Madagascar.

Aye-aye is still in danger - not only because it destroys the forest, in which he lives, but also because of the prejudice of local residents.

An ancient legend says that the aye-aye - a symbol of death, and the man who met the aye-aye in the woods, threatened with destruction.

Giant Squid

Giant squid reach truly monstrous proportions - by some accounts, up to 20 meters in length, more rigorous scientific data, up to 13 meters. Presence in the body of ammonium chloride makes the giant squid is lighter than water, so they can float.

Squids eat deep sea fish and other squid, grabbing their barbed suckers especially his two long tentacles.

Since ancient times, sailors passed from mouth to mouth legends about giant squid, from which most likely arose the myth of the Norwegian sea monster "krakene", which is able to absorb and sink any ship.

Black fish-dragon

Idiakant, or black fish-dragon - a long flexible fish living at depths of about two thousand meters. This fish is an example of an extreme degree of sexual dimorphism.

Females reach 40 centimeters in length, have small eyes, chin barbel and long teeth, which they catch other fish. Unlike females, males have a length of 5 inches, they have no teeth, no chin mustache, and a non-functioning intestine.

Surprisingly larval development idiakantov - the eyes of the larvae hang on long stalks, which are reduced in length as they mature fish, and eventually reach the eye sockets.


In many myths and legends of bats appear in the image of blood-sucking demons. Vampire bats really do exist - there are only three species in Central and South America.

Coverage of the wings of vampires is 20 centimeters, and the body size of a thumb adult.

If it were not for the fact that the basic diet of these bats - the blood, a man hardly be interested in these animals.

Vampire bats feed on the blood of large birds, cattle, horses and pigs.

Using tools that look like a sharp blade, they make small cuts in the skin of a sleeping animal.

Vampire saliva contains a substance that prevents blood clot, and the bat can safely drink the blood trickling from the wound.

Another substance in the saliva numbs the skin, allowing the animal wakes up. If a vampire does not regularly receive the required dosage of blood, his body quickly breaks down and he could die from starvation within 2-3 days.

Their victims bat finds using echolocation, smells and sounds. This animal can not only fly, but run along the ground with amazing speed and agility, running up to 2.2 meters per second.


Tamil name anaconda - anaykolra means "killer of elephants." The first Spanish settlers named this snake "matatoro" or "killer of bulls". Anaconda - the heaviest snake in the world - up to 250 pounds.

Eyes and nostrils are located on top of your head, so that anaconda can breathe and see the objects of attack, being almost entirely in the water.

Anacondas are very strong, so despite their tardiness, they can overcome the large predators, not to mention the small deer and even small crocodiles. They suffocate large mammals, turning around his body.


Gray wolf and the dog came from the same ancestors. The length of the wolf from nose to tail is 1,3 -2 meters, tail - 25% of body length. Build a wolf makes it remarkably resistant to long journeys.

Narrow chest, strong back and legs allow the wolf does not get tired from the long travel. They can run at speeds of 10 kilometers per hour for several hours and forcing the prey can reach speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour.

The wolf eats deer, elk, yaks and other ungulates. A pack of wolves can kill a buffalo weighing more than a ton. A wolf has powerful jaws with sharp teeth and so-called carnivorous teeth, they tear and chew the meat. Jaws of the wolf are so powerful that he can break the thigh of elk in 6-8 bites.

Tasmanian Devil

None of the animals have no such proportions jaws and body, like a Tasmanian devil. His strong, enormous jaws, he could bite the big bones.

Tasmanian devils for dinner - social action, which may hold up to 12 animals. During the banquet, they actively communicate - scientists have identified 11 different postures and 8 sounds, through which the devils talking.

For a man, these sounds seem sinister screams.

Currently, the Tasmanian devil is found only on the Australian island of Tasmania, although once inhabited and mainland Australia.

Well - Man.

People cut down forests, arable land, building dams, emits greenhouse gases that pollute air and water.

Gradually the person becomes "ecological debtors," wasting resources is much more than they can afford the inhabitants of Planet Earth.

We use 70% of global fish stocks that exceed the capacity of its natural recovery. Annually in the seas and oceans dropped about 7 million tons of debris.

Major industrial countries, including Russia, annually produce 400 million tons of toxic waste.

Every second on Earth disappeared more than 1,5 hectares of virgin forest, but only a man destroyed more than 65% of virgin forests.

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