[kl-bogel] Unrest in East Jerusalem

Yesterday, Israeli and Palestinian Arabs staged a riot after the "Nakba Day" which will be celebrated on Sunday. Major clashes with police took place in East Jerusalem. Police had used tear gas. Have been detained for more than 30 protestors, one of whom was badly injured and later died in hospital. Police are investigating, but as the family of the deceased refused to grant the body, the cause of death is not.

"Nakba" translates as a disaster. Arabs consider disaster on May 15, that is, the day after the state of Israel. I remind you that despite the fact that this day could be formed Palestinian state, Arab leaders of nearby countries, it was more profitable to start a war against the young Israel, which they lost luster. As a result of the war, about a million "Palestinians" have fled their homes, partly as a result of military action and mostly at the call of Arab leaders, who threatened to be considered as traitors all those who remain. "Refugees" moved to the West Bank, then occupied by Transjordan, in Gaza, okuppirovanny Egypt, as well as in Lebanon and Syria.

This year, May 15, that is tomorrow, announced the start of third intifada, so probably similar disturbances are expected in even larger volumes, both in Israel and many Arab countries. And of course "the Arab Europe, which will soon become simply Arabic, without the quotes, too, do not forget about this case pobuzit on the streets and cast aside the local police some sort of rubbish.

Photo Uriel Sinai / Getty Images | | AHMAD GHARABLI / AFP / Getty Images | | REUTERS / Amir Cohen | | MARCO LONGARI / AFP / Getty Images

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