[kl-bogel] Unloved Venice (29 photos)

At first I wanted to start a post about Venice as follows:

I do not like Venice and do not understand what it so dearly love all around. Venice reminds me of Varanasi - the same crowds, same narrow streets, the same dirty water ... The difference is that the local boaters call gondoliers and the fact that during the boat rides past you do not swim nedosgorevshie dead people. Just in Venice PR is better ...

And then I thought that perhaps this is too harsh. Of course, Venice - one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a rich history, but I just besyat big crowds and too much sharpened by tourists. I'm weak I can not imagine the Venetians, who takes a gondola instead of a taxi to get to the guests.

Hotels in Venice - it is generally a separate song. Moreover, it polurazvalivayuschiesya building with minimal service and cheap shabby furniture, so another night in a hotel is more expensive than the presidential suite in Las Vegas.

In general, for me to Venice - a tourist attraction rich in history and expensive exteriors ...

Only in Venice airport you can see signs of water taxis and buses next to ground transportation:

We arrived in Venice around midnight and immediately flooded the pier in hopes of finding a water taxi. Aha! Schaz! At this time there was no one. We are fortunate that someone of the passengers of our flight ordered a transfer, and the driver was familiar hotel boat water taxi driver. In 20 minutes we all piled into a boat and went in the direction of Venice:

All the suitcases were strewn in the bow of the boat:

Venetian taxis look like the white boat:

The main thing is not to drop the bags into the water while landing in the water carriage:

Most hotels have access to water, and guests are waiting for a taxi on the canal bank:

No cars in Venice, and all moved on boats:

Across the island there is a big Grand Canal, which depart ductule:

Channels are so narrow that the gondola sometimes get stuck:

If the conventional urban transportation arteries at the sides of parked cars, the boats are parked. I wonder how they get them? Taxi call?

For 100 euros an hour you can hire a gondola and ride on the following channels:

Gondolier will entertain you with stories and even sing songs. Tell that his gondola 98 years and it costs 120,000 euros:

Police are also on the boat:

Local ghazal:

Machines shipped from one island to another on a ferry:

Shop windows overlook the channels:

Streets end in stages, going off into the water:

The main attraction in Venice is always crowded and you have to break through the crowds of tourists, and this despite the fact that I was not here during the peak tourist season:


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