[kl-bogel] Ular berbagai warna....

Before you colorful photos of Guido Mokafiko, photographer from Paris. The most amazing thing that the photo is only reptiles: dangerous and frightening, but so beautiful and bright. Many of the photos in this series was published in his book "Snakes."

(15 photos)

1. Multicolored, despite its name, the Western Green Mamba Dendroaspis viridis is very poisonous.

2. Rough wood Atheris squamigera viper from Africa is less than two feet in length (60 cm), but very poisonous. In one type of snakes are found the most unexpected colors. "Even after many years of photographing snakes, I'm always amazed at their diversity," says the photographer.

3. North American copperhead Agkistrodon contortrix may seem all exactly the same, but it is still attractive. However, they are also very poisonous.

4. Like most snakes California, these adult Californian King Snake Lampropeltis getula californiae almost aggressive. Unlike most, they are albinos, not black and white.

5. Long-nosed snake Rhynchophis boulengeri - all in the world of these snakes over 3000, and the photographer managed to photograph only 120 of them.

6. Brazilian rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria cenchria.

7. Red spitting cobra Naja samarensis.

8. Cobra black Naja pallida.

9. Aspisovaya viper Vipera aspis.

10. Imperial boa constrictor.

11. Royal python.

12. Runner tonkohvosty Taiwan Elaphe taeniura friesi.

13. Olive python papuansky Apodora papuana.

14. Belogub python Leiopython albertisi.

15. Western green mamba Dendroaspis viridis.

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