Monday, May 9, 2011

[kl-bogel] Thailand: Water World

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Remember the famous movie "Waterworld"? In the future the polar ice melted, almost all the land was under water, but among the remaining people are legends that somewhere preserved piece of habitable land, but nobody could find. So in Thailand, there are places where you can feel Kevin Costner, who played a major role in the film.

Here on the water are whole streets where there is a stormy life. People sell, eat, socialize, work. Here you can even find plugs from boats.

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Central Avenue, apparently.

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In Bangkok waterways are generally very well developed, the boats moor to "stop" with enviable frequency as buses. And just as quickly landed, passengers enter.

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Observe security measures.

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Already getting dark, so photos taken in the movement, not the most successful, but you can try to feel the full flavor of aquatic life. Home - from wooden shacks to quite decent cottages. Bangkok - a city of contrasts.

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A separate discussion deserve the locals. So a variety of people that never think of saying "Asians all look the same."

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Right on the boat that is willing, immediately sold and also on the boats is eaten.

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That is all. See you on the air!

The next post will be dedicated surroundings Pattaya. It turns out that there is something to see.

Tonight I fly away to London for a week, but I'll try to find out there time and not interrupt the publication of posts from Thailand.

I congratulate all the girls with the upcoming International Women's Day!

A short list of Thai notes:

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Separately, talk about Singapore.

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