Monday, May 9, 2011

[kl-bogel] Thailand: rural life

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Not far away on the River Kwai, where we camped, is a small village. I suggest to go through it with me, look a bit on its inhabitants and their way of life. In addition, we reach the abandoned dwellings monk who left under the onslaught of tourists: it is very difficult to live the life of a hermit, when you come every day to stare farang crowd.

Traditional house, on wooden stilts.

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Children fully, as elsewhere in Thailand. Almost all the eating. Anything at all to chew on - this is normal Thais. There is even a joke that this taets eats twice a day - from morning to evening. Generally very similar to the truth.

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Some children have strange toys.

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Even when the kids grow up, do not always exactly clear, it's a boy or a girl. For example, this is exactly the girl?

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Someone already goes to school. And someone will just go. For school construction budgets have not had a drink here, because in "building" does not even have walls. Thanks to the climate.

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This is the place I called "elephant pitstop. Here the plant and land passengers, changing the rubber tie "chair". At this point, the elephants are encountered with each other to drink tea, smoke a cigarette and go on to someone on business.

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On the boy's father wore T-shirt of Manchester United.

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Roughly the houses of spirits are in almost every home and beyond. They can be found in most neozhadannyh places.

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Gone are the village and on through the jungle full of predators moved to an abandoned cave monk-hermit. Buddhist monks live in the community, or individually. Who as appropriate. The monk, who lived here, was clearly not alone. Such as we farang come to stare at him enough that he has collected their meager belongings and flee moved to another location.

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Traces of his compatriots. Our people and strive to anywhere in the world to show their competence and knowledge of the alphabet.

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The same day, walked through the territory of a glamorous hotel, which is more like a botanical garden. The temptation to break some fruit was no less than Adam. But some fruits can overpower, just being in good physical shape.

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To understand the size of this miracle, and show how they then purified.

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He sat on the tree, warmed by the sun and went on. Time to return to base, because just a few hours must come the New Year.

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That is all. See you on the air!

Tomorrow, a look at the water world in the Thai version.

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