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[kl-bogel] Thailand: River Kwai

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Khveyay (lit. "a large influx of" English. Khwae Yai, Kwai) - a river in northwestern Thailand. Became internationally known under the name of a distorted Kwai's film The Bridge on the River Kwai ", the award seven Oscars. Along the river is a lot of residential settlements, as well as hotels. We spent the night in one of the floating hotels, with no electricity. Under the cut you'll see the famous Bridge on the River Kwai, a hotel on the river and the sunrise.

Until 1960 the river was considered part of the river Meklong. During the Second World War in the construction of the Japanese Thai-Burma railway near the town of Kanchanaburi by prisoners across the river bridge was built. The history of bridge construction is the basis of Pierre Boulle's novel "The Bridge on the River Kwai, where the scene was moved to the right tributary Meklonga, river Khve (literally" flow "), whose name and was distorted. This movie is based on the book, the bridge has brought worldwide fame (a film, incidentally, took place in Ceylon).

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Views from the bridge.

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Reminders about the Japanese.

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Schoolgirls returning home. A big white man waved his hand, and it provoked a storm of excitement and smiles.

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In my opinion, the boat smartly decorated.

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It was very hot, who both escaped from the sun.

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On the bridge there and back crawl improvised train of memory.

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Vivid reminder of the history of this place. Many of the "war" pictures.

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In general there's a lot of strange things. For example, the abundance of serious bikes.

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Well, we moved further along the river to the hotel here in this cozy tub boat with nissanovskim engine.

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"Breaking the Waves."

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Look to your left ...

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... Look to the right.

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Our chic, five-star-authentic-exclusive, elegant hotel.

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Joke. Here it is, our floating home shed.

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Lying in his lawn chair and listen to swing over a river. At first, the continuous murmur of a little strained. Then he used to.

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In the evening, had dinner, drank and went to rest. Despite the remoteness of the facilities from the restaurant, yelling, and songs of our fellow travelers came Kazakh fine. Funny guys.

Morning managed to overpower yourself and wake up before dawn.

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Roots of trees near the shore.

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According to this character shows that the Russian comes very much. Somewhere he got Budenovka and memorized a few phrases, the most crown of which is "Come on, pour!" and "To horse!"

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After breakfast, we loaded the stuff in the boat, they put themselves life jackets, jumped into the water and swam across the stream. That's swim yourself, chat with friends, look around and suddenly catch myself thinking that today, December 31. Someone in Russia cut salads or already rolls holodnenkoy vodka, and we are sailing on a river for a few thousand miles from home.

That is all. See you on the air!

Tomorrow will show a small local village and its inhabitants.

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