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[kl-bogel] Thailand: Elephants, monkeys and snakes

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Finally reached his hands up photos of the Asian New Year's voyage. All cards are dismantled and placed in the category. Need to finish a little experiment with video and everything. Today is the first publication, a warm-up :-) Let's look at the most prominent representatives of fauna of Thailand (and Asia generally) - elephants, monkeys and snakes. In the next post you will see many interesting things: the River Kwai at dawn, the village in the jungle, "Thai Venice" - neighborhoods on the water, beach essay around Pattaya and Bangkok. Separately, talk about Singapore - a city of the future into the present.

So, in the arena of the monitor appear elephant, monkey and snake.

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Our trip to Thailand was of the organized nature, so we, as a significant part of travel, enjoy sightseeing suggestions operator. What has not regretted never :-) with elephants could n read more closely during the two-day trip on the River Kwai, monkeys swam to feed bananas on the road to a remote beach, a snake "show" was observed during the study of Pattaya and around tourist attractions.

These slonyata, despite his young age, has excellent train. A special delight of the audience raised their ability to walk into a makeshift shop. It looks like this: elephant trunk takes you 20 baht (about 20 rubles), then go to "shop", where milk or take a package with mango pieces, brings you, you have it poite or feed, then he takes the garbage, and after returning , bows.

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It looked like "shop":

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The most daring can try elephant massage:

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But personally, I would not have dared :-)

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"Saloon and psychological relief": here you can eat and catch his breath after skiing tourists.

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Riding the elephants - it's super fun! Recommend. You can even "steer" the most :-) We went to mom with a baby elephant, privyazynnym to her chain.

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Elephants are well aware of the route, so the appointment of the pursuer rather relative. He can quietly go about their business, talking on the phone.

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Fine was of course a bit sorry ...

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Want to see the elephant in the eye? Please.

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And this is a close-up look of its beetle-crusher. Come and will not even notice.

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Monkeys - they are in Thailand and a monkey. These well settled, from morning till evening for them bringing in tourists with bananas, only to eat, sleep, so to reproduce successfully and that they are doing.

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In monkeys, a rigid hierarchy. Ie the largest and fat redneck can disperse all the relatives and pick up food. People for him is also not a barrier, it is better not to argue :-)

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Serpent "show" we looked at the so-called "factory" where the submission vparivayut bags and purses python skin, and others. Does anyone know, snakes do breed in captivity?

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Cobra show fall that, say, this is not Fake, venomous tooth in place, all the cases.

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How many emotions in the face of the actor! Convey all the tension and drama of the situation. Leading into the microphone catches up passions by telling that even though this snake is just poluyadovita, but the bite will not find it.

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Na-ka in the forehead!

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Caught and eaten.

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And this is a trick called the "kiss a cobra." Scary, of course.

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But for dessert positive animal in a baseball cap :-) This just will not bite.

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That is all. See you on the air!

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