[kl-bogel] Sunday PR No. 32

Today in PR - Utrish and spring steppe, tropical butterfly garden, a museum of computer games, a Russian village in China, Mongolia, Belgium, Amazon, Eritrea, and much more.

PS I recall that now my PR still appears on the main page LiveJournal.ru under " Travel ".

1. [Info] evgenesushnikov went with one night at Utrish. Need a minimum of two weeks to enjoy enough of the fabulous nature and the atmosphere that prevails there. On the way to 3 lagoon in April is full of flowers. More precisely, all the blooms!

2. In the heart of Vienna, near the Hofburg, is a garden with tropical butterflies. Large glass barn with lots of greenery and butterflies of different types and sizes. They do not differ modesty - sit on you without permission, so impressionable better not go. Fantastic!

3. Russian Village "- a Sino-Russian fleet of national traditions, which is located in the western district of the Chinese city of Heihe Heilongjiang Province, on the southern shore of the Amur River. Property room village was created as a decoration for the shooting of the Chinese TV series "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", based on the novel by Boris Vasilyev. So do many interesting things about China

4. Everyone loves to play. For someone to video and computer games - is the ability to disconnect from everyday problems and constant stress, for someone - a permanent form of entertainment, but for someone - an opportunity to earn additional billion. Gave over

5. September 20, 2002 in the river gorge Genaldon occurred descent of the glacier "Colca", which completely destroyed several villages and killed more than a hundred people, among whom was a film crew of Sergei Bodrov Jr.. How now live in the Karmadon Gorge

6. In Mongolia, all is not like other people, the National Park - one of the most densely populated places in the country. Notice how the Mongols under construction. Maze to get to some homes, often have to go around. Living at the same people!

7. In the north of Belgium is friends with the North Sea. Come out, happened, to the shore in Ostend, look to the left - the beach to the horizon, the right look - the same beach, too, to the horizon. mouthful of sand? Nothing! But the great wave. Wind knocks down? OK!

8. Most of the outdoor advertising in both Kenya and in Tanzania will not be printed, and drawn by hand. For advertising is often not rented a piece of the wall to hang a banner, and the surface of the building entirely. This and much more - a virtual tour of Africa. Kenya, Tanzania, and much more

9. In New York Subway - a solid competitor. London built the first subway in the world and still manages to maintain this archaic economy. The Paris metro has several high-speed lines. No more beautiful to pretentiousness, metro, than Moscow, and more modern than Tokyo. But despite the fact that the New York subway has a reputation as the most dirty and noisy, it perevezet you in the right place faster than any other in the world and usually on time. right way go, comrades!

10. At school we all learned - do not argue with elders, 2x2 = 4, the longest river Nile. Times change, maps, rewritten, fewer still blank spots on our planet. Brazilian scientists managed to find a new starting point of the Amazon. They argue that it is the South American River is the longest. Now I have to rewrite the textbooks. Residents in Brazil joke: if you see a sparrow in the Amazon, you know - it's not a sparrow, a mosquito!

11. It is beautiful any time of year, drunk and alluring, the sea prosolennaya Balaklava. What else to say - have their eyes to see. Unreal beauty!

12. Astrakhan steppe in the spring of living a full life. All the colors in the air the smell of honey, and fly in the sky and the birds sing on a variety of voices. However, you can meet and lifeless desert landscapes. Today you will walk on the steppes of the spring and see it for themselves. Small flowers fill the space around the most different ways

13. Hamburg without a fish market - that Paris without the Eiffel Tower or Venice without the canals. The market has existed since 1703. The elders of the city allowed the fishermen to sell surplus perishable catch just before the church service. Therefore, by tradition, it only works on Sundays from 5:00 to 10:00 (from October to March from 6:00). Here are traded in fish, fruits and vegetables, flowers and all sorts of little things

14. A unique trip to one of the most rarely visited tourist countries - Eritrea - was launched on March 5. As the availability of the Internet in one of the poorest countries in the world [Info] vartumashvili shared what he saw. Let there be Eritrea!

15. As a result of the whole trip, just remember Cappadocia [Info] toinvent most of all, it's about her first thing he said to friends, asking what was interesting in Turkey. This place is fantastic, it seemed from another world

That is all!

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