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[kl-bogel] Singapore: The future in the present

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Probably, any person entering the Singapore experience mild shock. And it is not surprising, because the feeling that flies to another planet where everything is completely different from the familiar to us in the world. This piece of land measuring 42 to 23 km is both a city island (or rather a set of one large island and 63 small) and the state. City skyline and bold architecture, cleanliness, security, economic success - it's all about Singapore.

Number of skyscrapers is amazing. The most interesting thing that monotony does not feel like attending an unspoken competition of originality.

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This is one of the symbols of modern Singapore - hotel in Marina Bay Sands, which opened in 2009

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Classic view: ferris wheel, Marina Bay Sands and The Merlion - a fish-lion - a symbol of Singapore.

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Are being built more and more new buildings.

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One of the most inconspicuous and unprepossessing buildings - near the Russian VTB.

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Urban jungle.

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Such is the creative tree (I was there during the Christmas holidays).

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Here, the classic style (the remnants of the colonial past) harmonizes with modern buildings.

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The famous and very expensive hotel Raffles. Was built in 1887, is known for its luxurious rooms and fine dining restaurants. According to legend, it is here that Alexander Vertinsky was first performed his famous song "In banana-lemon Singapore."

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It happens.

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And here is the Russian embassy.

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Building as if covered with scales.

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This colorful houses - public housing.

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The central skyscraper - the hotel, to which we lived - Swissotel The Stamford, is one of the highest in the world.

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At 8 floor swimming pool and tennis courts.

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And a few more sketches of the city. This frame is made in one of the malls. Each of them - a single work of art. Walk to Orchard Road, the main shopping street.

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Navigating the city is organized perfectly. Everywhere route maps, signs. In the photo bus stop.

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According to my experience in Singapore, one of the lowest prices for taxi services. Machines are different, there are also such.

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Older machines typically only taxi drivers. Populations from new, because public works program to stimulate the replacement of vehicles with new ones. Types of such.

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And finally tell you about one of the main chips - the local fine that scare all the tourists. Yes, they really are very high. For example, the subway is such a fine scale.

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Even where prohibited for carriage and sale of chewing gum. More precisely, it can buy, but in a pharmacy and a doctor's prescription, and should be chewed at home. Chewing gum - the main enemy of purity (see the asphalt every exit of the subway in Moscow), and purity - a symbol of Singapore.

For crossing the street at a red light fine of $ 500 for distribution of drugs - the death penalty. But actually there is no crime, Singapore, the second after Luxembourg for security in the world. What does the presence of only one prison, which is virtually empty.

Well, a little more interesting statistics. Singapore is a 3-m leading financial center in the world after London and New York (for comparison, Moscow occupies 60 th place). On the level of welfare says life expectancy - Singaporean living on average 14 years longer than Russians, namely 80 years, which is a 5-m in the world. The average local earns about 24 thousand dollars a year. Foreign reserves exceed $ 97 billion inflation in recent years was at 3.2%, which is one of the best in the world.

So where does the money from the state? Firstly, Singapore - one of the largest maritime hubs in the world. He plays the role of "market" - here comes the goods produced in neighboring countries, such as rubber and tin in Malaysia, rice from Thailand, which are then sent to other regions. At the same time, here are imported manufactured goods from the U.S., Europe, Japan and distributed among neighboring countries.

Secondly, the past 20 years, the importance of becoming chemical, oil refining, assembling electronics, shipbuilding, is actively developing high-tech industry. Singapore has always adopted a policy of attracting capital and skilled labor force from abroad.

And Singapore - the leader in terms of growth and export ... orihidey. He owns about 15% of the market.

That is all. See you on the air!

The next post will be on the ethnic characteristics of Singapore.

Gallery Albums

A short list of Singapore notes:

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Next in line stories about London, Paris and Berlin, where I recently returned.

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