[kl-bogel] 'Princess' in the Vladivostok (14 photos)

'Princess' in the Vladivostok (14 photos)

May 12 at 03:30 local time in Vladivostok arrived superliner "Diamond Princess". Since the tour was not by ship, and the tourists on board were not invited - interior photos - dig up on the internet

Oh, and it would be cool to take a look inside at least at this luxury ...

Diamond Princess "- a spacious and wide vessel with dimensions of 289 by 123 feet.

Its dimensions provide a steamship tonnage 115,000 tons. Maximum speed - 22 knots.

This huge ship accommodates 1,335 cabins ranging from 15 to 71 sq.m, which housed 2,670 passengers. The ship's crew - 1,238 people.

Many of the passengers in Vladivostok for the first time. The day before the arrival of the liner in port, they made plans to visit the city attractions. In the priority plans of American tourists - visiting homes Brynner.
"This is a very famous man in America," - said the tourists. On the map of local attractions there Vladivostok Arbat, and Embankment - for many, probably, would be a surprise trenched streets that do not match the beautiful pictures.

Case "Diamond Princess" - dissect the seas and oceans.

And what do at this time of its passengers? In an atmosphere of luxury tourists to miss is not necessary. At the 17-year-decks, framed by 14 lifts, there are 8 restaurants, bars, pizzerias, four swimming pools (including those with artificial waves and sliding canopy), nine large jacuzzi, SPA-center, beauty salon, sauna, fitness center, volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts and mini-golf course, a chapel, a library, a nightclub and disco, a casino (the largest of all cruise ships the world), two theaters, a children's play club, numerous shops and much more.


I do not understand it - but nice ..


Kids Club


One of the lifts

Upper deck

Tourists and travel alone, and couples, and even entire families.
On a tour of Vladivostok passengers "Diamond Princess" set aside the whole day - ship left Vladivostok in 19 hours and 30 minutes on the same day.

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