[kl-bogel] Prague (22 photos)

Thinking where do I start a report about Prague, because so much already written about her ... Let's start with a railway-station, and in general, I will not upload here any photographs of architecture, which all were already known by heart, and write about more mundane things.

Let's go!

Station really liked the abundance of bright colors:

The yield on the platform:

Do not anyhow, but on the escalator:

Double-decker train. To Euro-2012 the same promise and Ukraine:


A little more traffic. Trams there "such as ours, but only in a perfectly tidy condition:

There are also new, but terribly ugly:

And, of course, underground. Directions can pay by SMS. Well, or the more traditional way, by buying a ticket from the machine. The main thing is not trying to ride the hare, because controllers are very common.

The Prague Metro comprises three lines: «A» - green on the schemes, «B» - yellow, «C» - red. Form in the center of the classical interchange triangle, as in St. Petersburg before the opening of the fourth line, Kiev and Kharkov. Letter designations of the lines do not correspond to the order of discovery: the first section of the line was opened «C» between stations «Kačerov» and «Sokolovská» (now «Florenc»). The length of the lines of 59.3 km and 57 stations.

Station here does not particularly noticeable and look like this:

Well, or so:

Though there are pleasant exceptions:

Subway trains here are:

And inside, as well as railway stations, the bright orange color. Wow!

Local analog MOE, by the way, drives a brightly colored Mercedes. Europeans love them, unlike us!

Exit from the subway to the street, and there, despite the snow and ice ... not slippery! If you look closely at his feet it becomes clear why - everything sprinkled with charcoal:

By the way, do not forget the beer! We are in the Czech Republic, or what? " :)


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