[kl-bogel] Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia (38 photos)

Kambozhda - the poorest country in the region.
Cambodia needs a visa, which - monthly - for 25 bucks flops at the border.

In Phnom Penh we arrived in the dark, immediately at the exit of the bus were attacked tuktukerami that there were more aggressive than most. They flew at us from all over the bus and yelling on the run. We had them hide in alleys downtown.

Even in the capital to take the dollar, this is very surprising, although it is convenient, because the search at night exchanger is not ice. Local currency - Rie (eh?) Do.

Guest at the center of many, prices inflate, had a long and tedious bargaining. As a result, a bargain at 20 bucks for two nights. Vayfay running hot water, place in a room much. Look I'm standing there on the balcony.

In the morning went to see the town. The Centre was surprisingly interesting, beautiful and deserted. Well, the first heat after the rainy Vietnam.

Bus Station. The cashier can easily be explained in English. At one of these buses that are on the right, we'll go through the whole country in Siemrip, the second city of Cambodia. There, near Anchor, about it - in the following series. And like coolers, which emit cold air right on the head.

A little history: The city was founded in 1372 According to legend, a nun named Penh found in the Mekong floating tree trunk, which is something shone. It was found that a 4 bronze statues of Buddha and a stone. The statues may have been washed away from one of the Lao temples. With the assistance of the stump next to her house was poured large hill (Phnom) and set the altar on which were placed statues. Subsequently, at this point there was a monastery.

I mean, Phnom Penh - hill nuns Penh.

Historical Museum.

The central promenade and the royal palace complex. It was built twice: in 1434, then the royal family moved to Udong, north of Phnom Penh. The current palace was built in 1866 The palace complex is almost square with sides of 425 meters, surrounded by high walls;

Berth in front of the palace.

Phnom Penh pleased broad avenues and squares. People a little. Many playgrounds. Nice place.

Monuments - a mix of national art and communist span.

Administrative buildings, all in the same style.

Ancient pagodas in the city center. While that is impressive, because Anchor is yet to come ...

We probably walked around at the moment of quiet hours. The work is all asleep:)

And here is the Mekong. At this point there was a recent Cambodian tragedy. We walked over this bridge a few days before her.

And on the other side has slums.

Stroll through the center, we went strolling through zlachnym places and residential areas. Pofotkali boys playing marbles.

But the standard local cafe. Noodles, meat, eggs, cockroaches, flies and smiling locals. Tourists do not go here.

Tourists go here where. On the waterfront. dvizhuha big night here, all went for a walk. Well, as usual, distinguished by his idiotic behavior of some Europeans. Shop? What is it?

Some quick-witted.

The kids played.

Found among the flags of their homeland:)


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