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Freshmen U.S. Military Academy during team exercises with logs in Annapolis, Maryland. About 900 freshmen, or, as they are called "plebeians", under the strict supervision of teachers 14 hours to run 32 physical exercise, and were tested for sharpness during the exercise, which lasted all day.

News Photos of the week (52 photos)

Mirrors for sale turned street market in Kabul in the room with laughter. " (Hossein Fatemi / Associated Press)

American surfer Kelly Slater is concentrated before the competition of professional surfers on the beach
Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro. (Felipe Dana / Associated Press)

Girl with a younger sister in the field at sunset in the slums of Islamabad. (Muhammed Muheisen / Associated Press)

Brazilian Andre Judson saddled wave at the opening of a professional surfing tournament on the beach Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro.
Andre walked Gabe King and trouble Darbidzha. (AP Photo / ASP, Kelly Cestari)

The artist, specializing in the manufacture of neon signs, Chris Brace finishes his work "The Heart of the world", developed by
an artist from East London, Sally Laburnham in London. Chris creates neon signs 38 years, succeeding in a business that
inherited from his father. His work has been used in many famous advertising campaigns, shops, movies, and
television series. (Photo by Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images)

Pakistani child with flies on his face sitting in a wooden cart in the alley slums on the outskirts of Islamabad. (AP Photo / Muhammed Muheisen)

Police kills demonstrantku at a rally against the first visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland in Dublin. The Queen stepped
on Irish soil, marking the beginning of a new era of relations between the UK and Republic of Ireland. Politicians from both
sides of the Irish Sea was named a historic four-day visit of Queen. (AP Photo / Niall Carson-pa)

Buddhist monk in the crowd getting ready to go for alms in Tokyo. (AP Photo / Shizuo Kambayashi)

Illuminated temple of Borobudur, which go around the Buddhist monks, during a celebration of Vesak, known here as the day
Buddha's birthday, a monument of Borobudur in Magelang Mahayana, Indonesia. Indonesian Buddhists celebrate Vesak each year in
monument to which each year attracts hundreds of tourists. (Photo by Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images)

Supporters of Buddhism release lanterns into the air near the temple of Borobudur in the Wesak, the birthday of Buddha, in Magelang, Indonesia. Holiday
celebrate the full moon in May or June, and three Buddhist temples are pilgrimage ceremony of Menduta in Pavon,
ending at Borobudur. (Photo by Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images)

The wounded woman raised her hand during a firefight with soldiers in Quetta, Pakistan. Security Service thwarted a terrorist attack
killing four suicide bombers, three of whom were women. Another kamikadze could trigger the explosive
mechanism on his vest, but no one was hurt. (Banaras Khan / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

French climber Alain Robert, nicknamed "Spider-Man" on the facade of the Sapphire Tower in Istanbul. (Tolga Bozoglu / European Pressphoto Agency)

The arrest of protesting against the summit on nuclear power in Berlin. Security Checks at 17 nuclear reactors in Germany showed
there is no need to close them all at once, but they can not say with certainty that a fully protected from all threats. (Tobias Schwarz / Reuters)

A woman goes through the Aura super-Roll ", to be effective in reducing the size of a person at the exhibition« Beautyworld »in
International Exhibition Center in Tokyo. (Shugo Takemi / Jana Press / Zuma Press)

The peasants harbored future harvest polymer film Tsyandunnan-Miao-Dunsky Autonomous Region, China. The peasants are busy planting
rice for the coming season. (Liu Xu / Xinhua / Zuma Press)

American Kelly Slater at the tournament professional surfing to Rio de Janeiro. (Sergio Moraes / Reuters)

The girl throws the ball at the party representatives "Left Block" in suits in the form of pins on the protests against the International Monetary
Foundation in Lisbon. (Francisco Seco / Associated Press)

Peasant smoking hashish before working in a field planted with new seedlings of hemp in the mountainous region of Panjshir. This farmer grows
hemp for three years and says that since 2008 it has tripled in price. (Paula Bronstein / Getty Images)

Assault force fired tear gas in the Kurdish demonstrators in Istanbul. (OSMAN ORSAL / Reuters)

Lady Gaga in the London office of the newspaper «Metro», where she served as guest editor of one of the rooms. (P AUL HACKETT / Reuters)

Pakistanis in the field for the game of cricket at sunset in Islamabad. (AP Photo / Muhammed Muheisen)

Indian ringed parrot on a tree in Hyde Park in central London. The number of these atypical England birds, found in Africa,
increased to 32 thousand only in the southeastern part of the country. It is believed that the birds were, in many parts of south-east England,
when the owners have released them as unwanted pets. (Photo by Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

Girls are drinking wine at the 39th ceremony of the majority and the traditional festival «Gwan-Rye» in Seoul. Ceremony held to recognize
boys and girls aged 20, who lived under the protection of the family, independent individuals. (AP Photo / Lee Jin-man)

Flowering field of rape on a sunny day in Sunthauzene, Germany. (AP Photo / dapd / Winfried Rothermel)

Fire Demontey Blue keeps his daughter for the first time since returning home to celebrate the launching of the landing
helicopter «Kearsarge» Navy in the port of Norfolk. (AP Photo / US Navy, MC2 Rafael Martie)

Neal Tackett and Jamie Davidson at the beginning of his attempt to pass on retromobile T Ford in 1911 to the top of Ben Nevis in Fort William,
Scotland. The event was organized in memory of the first Edinburgh automaker Henry Alexander, who went
to the top of Ben Nevis, to prove durability the Model T Ford. On the first attempt lasted five days, the route ran over boulders and
snowdrifts. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images)

Workers cleaned steel structure of Beijing National Stadium "Bird's Nest." (AP Photo)

One of four Australian tree banksia grown up a crane on the roof terrace is almost completed building at the
street 1 Bligh Street in the commercial district of Sydney. This is the first building in Sydney, get six stars in the system
organization mort protect the environment. (Angela Brkic / European Pressphoto Agency)

Woman on a background of burning tires during a protest in Cape Town. Housing shortage - the main problems facing the African
National Congress on the eve of local elections to be held on May 18. (Nic Bothma / European Pressphoto Agency)

Man with a baby in a carriage decorated with a sign in protest against the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Dublin. This is the first
Visit the British monarch since Ireland's independence. (Cathal McNaughton / Reuters)

80-year-old Afghan refugee Hadar Gul lays bricks at a factory on the outskirts of Islamabad. (Muhammed Muheisen / Associated Press)

Work pours motor oil, merged with the old cars out of the barrel in a bucket before shipment to a recycling
plant on the outskirts of New Delhi. (Parivartan Sharma / Reuters)

The boys ride bikes on the flooded street after the spring tide on prolapsed after the earthquake on March 11 territories
Isinomaki city, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. (AP Photo / Kyodo News)

People on one of the Golden Jubilee pedestrian bridges on the skyline and the ferris wheel in London. (AP Photo / Matt Dunham)

Tiffany Goodwin from 8-month-old Jerry caught the ball, ahead of her husband Allen (on the right with the glove). The picture was taken at a baseball
match between the teams «Richmond Flying Squirrels» and «Harrisburg Senators» in Richmond, Virginia. (AP Photo / Richmond Times-Dispatch, Mark Gormus)

American bunny with protruding tongue during the construction of burrows in the rain in Oneonta, NY. (AP Photo / The Daily Star, Julie Lewis)

Runner warming up before the Peace Race in Rio de Janeiro. Mashrut race includes a route that was once used by drug dealers.
The route runs between the slum of Vila Cruzeiro, and complexes to Aleman. In the race in honor of restored peace in their areas participated
More than a thousand people. The race represents a change of two real-life communities and citizens' right to freely come and go without fear
violence by criminals. (AP Photo / Felipe Dana)

Girl among three thousands of sunflowers planted in an office building in the shopping district of Ginza in Tokyo. (AP Photo / Shizuo Kambayashi)

Hockey fans from the Czech Republic rejoice the victory of his team in a match against Russia for third place at World Championship
Ice Hockey. (AP Photo / Stan Peska, CTK)

Space Shuttle «Endeavour» on the launch platform 39-A in the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
«Endeavour» make his latest mission to the International Space Station on May 16. (Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Aliadosy on the dance contest in a nightclub «Mesquit Rodeo» in Matehuale, Mexico. This dance team first caught
fever on here so shoes with long pointy noses, which took place in the city Matehuala spread to neighboring
City and thanks to migrant workers even got to the States. (AP Photo / Dario Lopez-Mills)

Afghan boy with his horse in a wheat field in Kabul. (AP Photo / Mustafa Quraishi)

The water of the Mississippi River flows through the Gulf of Morganze, Louisiana. Flood water for the first time in forty years to overcome flood gates and
rushed to thousands of homes and acres of fertile land in the area Kayun. The level of flood waters in some places can reach seven
meters. (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky)

Believer offers almonds Buddhist monks from Bangladesh during a ceremony in honor of the religious week, coinciding with the Vesak,
or full moon day of the Buddha, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. (AP Photo / Eranga Jayawardena)

Lion dance in front of the complex «Galaxy Macau» Macau. Casino complex, the construction of which has left more than one million dollars
designed for a different type of visitor. Soryaschie Chinese money helped make the city one of the most lucrative gambling markets
games. The complex 450 tables and 1,500 slot machines. (AP Photo / Vincent Yu)

Anti-government protesters in prayer during a rally for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sana'a, Yemen. (AP Photo / Hani Mohammed)

Palestinians burned tires and threw stones during clashes with Israeli police at a checkpoint near Kalandia
Ramallah, West Bank. Today, Palestinians mark "Nakba", or "catastrophe" which fell on them after the
Board of Israel in 1948. (Photo by Uriel Sinai / Getty Images)

Israeli soldiers shot tear gas at Palestinian demonstrators during the conflict at the demonstration in honor of the 63rd anniversary
Nakba - the uprising of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians after the creation of Israel in 1948, near Ramallah. (AP Photo / Tara Todras-Whitehill)

Palestinians spurn a can of tear gas during clashes with Israeli police at checkpoint
Kalandia. (Photo by Uriel Sinai / Getty Images)

Palestinians fleeing for cover during clashes with Israeli police. (Photo by Uriel Sinai / Getty Images)

Demonstrators carry a Palestinian boy, were injured when Israeli soldiers opened fire on protesters
nearer to the border with Israel, at a rally in the southern town of Maroun el-Rass, Lebanon. (AP Photo / Mohammed Zaatari)
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