[kl-bogel] The Naked and the very strange "flesh" fashion Nicola Constantino (4 photos)

The human body has always inspired artists to create masterpieces. And although the strategic parameters of beauty have changed, after the medieval cult of the body only krepnul. That's fashion industry and has reached the point that designers are not only removed from the models "all unnecessary, but also offer to put on clothes made" based on "the flesh.

We are already hard to surprise, after the strange decorations in the form of gizzards from Yuen Chang, but "carnal" fashion designer Nicola Constantino (Nicola Constantino) even more shocking.

Why use a chamois or cloth, if you can make a pair of shoes out of human nipples? Artificial, of course. So the question is a designer Konstantino from Argentina and has found his calling in the works - to create clothing from naughty body parts. So on the first samples of the collection Human Furriery («man fur").

To its "carnal" fashion found the whole of London, Constantine chose an unusual strategy. Showcases the first boutique "human fur" in Soho decorated usual stylish dresses and accessories - anything the caller. But no sooner enter the inside, and the client enters into a surreal world of human nipples, skin, and creepy mannequins - snapshots of unborn calves and foals. Psychological effect of such a spectacle needs no comment.

Its strange "carnal" clothing and appropriate design boutique designer tries to show "the relationship between human and animals, as well as the relationship between the physical body and the structure of society."

In the periodically updated collection of "Human fur" you can find high-heeled shoes and handbags, decorated with "women's nipples, dresses and corsets of the men's haloes, and even a pair of men's shoes, which looks just like from J. ... (All a nice view). Material - synthetic human skin.

All items can be freely bought in shops Nicola Constantino. But here is it worth it?

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