[kl-bogel] Motherland. Kiev.

It turns out, in Kiev, not only can walk on the usual tourist route, but also get an unforgettable experience.
If someone has not watched the previous record - we were in the park-museum of the Second World War, the apex of which (literally and figuratively) is a statue of the Motherland.
Sculpture made of stainless steel 102 meters in height has 2 courts for review - for 50 meters and 92 meters.
Since some very talented citizens (now former) jumped a couple times and got an unforgettable experience - access up was allowed only for staff.

Order of Victory - the ceiling pedestal. In this room - passage to the elevator door, which sits vahtersha.

It was planned that the monument will be covered with gold leaf, but this idea was abandoned. Metal frame is made of stainless steel produced in Zaporizhzhya. Steel plating welded specialists of the Institute of Electric Paton sheets of 50x50 cm 1,5 mm thick. The total length of welds is about 30 km. The sculpture of this size was made first in the USSR.

Carefully sit in malnky first lift:

And we reach the second, even smaller. Need to subscribe in a book of instructions on safety:

Wishing - wear helmets on their heads. But such a rule - no.

Regular annual surveys indicate the absence of any deviations with respect to the dynamic equilibrium. According to the experts, the monument "The Motherland" must stand for more than 150 years. According to calculations, the statue can withstand even an earthquake measuring 9 points. For the movement of people and maintenance of sculpture in the middle of the assembled two elevators - inclined and vertical (moving on rollers at an angle of 75 degrees), equipped with a platform for inspection. One of the elevators up to nine stops until the "head" of the mother country in which there are hatches and technical grounds. You can climb into a "hand" with a shield and the other - with a sword. There is also a mounting platform.

We reached the chest sculpture.

This tunnel - the left hand with a shield. Climbing should be cautious, because the holes are small (Sergei share until deprived of the opportunity to get to the top):

This is - right hand and a ladder into a sword. In the sword - a special apparatus for damping oscillations. This part of the long left hand and narrower.

According to one popular legend, during the construction of the monument to the Metropolitan of Kiev held talks with First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Vladimir Shcherbitsky that the sculpture was not above the Great Lavra Bell Tower, near the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Allegedly after it was decided to shorten the sword sculpture. Tip of the sword is really below the top of the bell tower at 12 meters. However, the architects argue that it was done for architectural balance between buildings Great Patriotic War Museum, and Laura.

Severe Ukrainian peasants tied you to a rope alpine equipment. That is correct, because the risk of break is still there even with a steep internal staircase.



The site is fenced with netting on top - the slots for lenses. In contrast to Dubai's tallest building ( photo report here ) all prolazit fine.

Fingers of the hand that holds the shield.

The Sword and the views of the Botsad them. Grishko, Paton Bridge:

General - a view from the ground is not very much.

Pay the escort a severe man 10 euros and he himself uncork a shield.
Prolazit it to be very careful: all sharp edges, seams - you can tear clothing, may cause injury.

We here were not the first:

There is another legend connected with the monument. Even before the opening of the monument in the nation shirilis rumors that supposedly block of metal - the creation of the impure, and a place for her was not chosen by accident - Black Mountain, over which the birds do not fly.

View from the other side of the shield:

View on the park in front of the monument - compare with ground-based photos :

How can I get out of the sword - I'll never know:

Left Bank, Bridge Welding Institute, Kharkov, Pozdnyakov:

Lavra, Metro Bridge, a bowl of eternal fire (comical, but does not work):

Laurus and the museum of military equipment:

Pechersk. As far - the silhouette of towers (there we have not yet reached). Near - one of the most expensive areas of the city (and country) - Weaving the land there is crazy money:


Metro Bridge:

Motherland, as a woman on a pole in Independence Square, standing with his back to the city and to each other. Because of this, the area between them is called "mezhduzhope:

Seen on the two would cost around 50 euros. If you're tight physique - not crawl through. If a girl - think three-fold.
Climb with a camera - it still fun - you can break at times.

But the impressions will have lots.

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