[kl-bogel] Melawat kilang ayam yang bersih.

Path broiler: From the bottom up to the counter

Learn-to-user Shopsha Andrew wrote: Two years ago, was sent to shoot for a series of illustrative material about the anniversary Zelenetsky poultry. The plan was this: Incubators and the young, cutting line and the shops, the veterans of production. During the manufacturing process Big Boss about something not agreed. Therefore, I beg forgiveness from those whom in fotoreporte not enough yellow fluffy lumps protruding from the shell, and the elders, with medals and graying.

(17 photos)

1. The path to the slaughter begins from here. A small room lit by a dim blue light. UV light here is not to kill microbes, as one might think had to deal with hospitals and dispensaries, it is here for euthanasia chickens. Yesterday's chicks grab their legs and nimble movements indifferent cling to the conveyor.

2. Then go to the chicken ritual bath. Unbecoming to the light unwashed.


4. Sin on the soul takes a soulless mechanism.


6. Soul sleeping broiler chicken sent to paradise. The body is sent to oshparku.

7. From oshparki chicken out and shiny ... decapitated. Do not think that I have decided not to hurt your tender heart than of the Sequence of pictures beheadings and obeznozhivaniya. I just stupidly missed this interesting piece.

8. Carcasses are subject to strict visual control. The best specimens are awarded the honor will go to the shops entirely. Some buyers like to carve itself a dead bird.


10. Others will be subjected to dismemberment.


12. Chicken innards from this point get the name "offal", washed and sorted.

13. Having the chance to be sold raschlenenku packed.

14. Of those with no chance of being sold to make stuffing.

15. Part of the products are transported to a cooling.

16.Ostalnoe weighed and shipped to stores.

17. Well, in stores picky buyer decides what he wants more today, wing, thigh or breast.

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