[kl-bogel] May Day demonstrations

May 1st, International Workers' Day worldwide wave of demonstrations swept the traditional. Their members have advanced a wide range of requirements: from granting more rights for immigrant workers to the call for the revival of communism. Pictures of this is devoted to how employees, trade unions, socialist groups and other groups marked the day. (20 photos)


Work comes to the presidential palace, in his head says "stop firing" during a rally in Jakarta on May 1, 2011. More than 15 thousand workers held shares in Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia on the occasion of May Day. They urged the government to improve employment policies. (Supri / Reuters)

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The workers held up signs with slogans such as

The workers held up signs with slogans during the May Day rally, which was attended by the Federation of Korean Trade Unions. The rally took place near the parliament in Seoul. Police said that a rally attended by 50,000 workers from the PCF. (Truth Leem / Reuters)

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Demonstrators hold speakers

On May Day rally in central Lisbon demonstrators hold the speakers and chanting slogans. In Portugal, the tens of thousands of workers marched through the streets in protest against austerity. It is expected that the plan to rescue the economy will be submitted in accordance with the terms of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. (Patricia De Melo Moriera / AFP / Getty Images)

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rotestuyuschie exposed to water jets attack

In demonstrations in Hamburg, protesters being attacked by police water cannons. (Thomas Peter / Reuters)

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Indonesian workers marching to the presidential palace

Indonesian workers marching to the presidential palace in Jakarta. More than 15,000 workers in Jakarta and other major cities of Indonesia urged the government to improve the employment situation. (Supr / Reuters)

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protesters hold a Colombian flag

In demonstrations, protesters held in Cali Colombian flag. (Jaime Saldarriaga / reuters)

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against the demonstrators using tear gas

In Bogota during a protest against the demonstrators using tear gas. (John Vizcaino / Reuters)

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Demonstrators laid hair

Demonstrators laid hair before the demonstration. (Guillermo Legaria / AFP / Getty Images)

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Woman looking away

The woman looks away during a demonstration in Los Angeles. (Eric Thayer / Getty Images)

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Work is sitting on the street

Work is sitting on the street during a demonstration in Hamburg. International Workers' Day in German cities over the past two decades, accompanied by violence and battles between the far-right skinheads, anti-fascist groups and the police. (Bodo Marks / AFP / Getty Images)

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protesters break glass

In Bogota, protestors smash the glass in the bank. The demonstrators threw stones, Molotov cocktails, smashed store windows. Colombian workers marched through the principal streets of the country to celebrate International Workers' Day. (Fernando Vergara / Associated Press)

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Demonstrators march

Protest in Los Angeles. (Thayer / Getty Images)

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Cubans participate in the parade

Festive Mass demonstration held May 1, 2011 at Revolution Square in Havana, Cuba. (Desmond Boylan / AFP / Getty Images)

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Riot police stand guard

Police guarded office telecommunications company, which was destroyed during the protests in May Day demonstrations in Cali. (Jaime Saldarriaga / Reuters)

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Protesters throw improvised explosive Charger

Protesters throw homemade pyrotechnics during a demonstration in Cali. (Luis Robayo / AFP / Getty Images)

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OMON assist protesting

Police officers assisted by protesters who was injured during the clashes on the May Day demonstration in Bogota. (Guillermo Legaria / AFP / Getty Images)

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Young people taking part in the celebration

Young people taking part in the celebration on May 1 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The inscription on the shirt reads "Freedom for life." (Edgard Garrido / Reuters)

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A demonstrator holds a flag of union

A demonstrator holds a flag and the union is waiting to take part in a march in Malaga (Spain). Spanish trade unions held a traditional action throughout Spain. They advocated for equality in the workplace, fair wages and investments in the manufacturing sector of the economy. (Jon Nazca / Reuters)

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A street vendor pushing cart with water

A street vendor pushing a cart with bottled water by the large May Day banner in the center of Istanbul. The inscription on the banner reads "All the workers celebrate May 1st!» (Murad Sezer / Reuters)

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Maoist activists and supporters arrive by bus

Maoist activists and supporters arrive by bus to attend the meeting in honor of May 1 in Kathmandu. (Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters)

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