[kl-bogel] Istanbul. Part 1

In Istanbul, "ship" was 2 days, which allowed us to abandon the most malicious invention of the human mind cooking - buffet - and dinner on the beach.

But before I turn out to be a dinner under a bridge thrown across the Bosphorus and connecting Europe and Asia, we saw the sunrise in the Dardanelles, entered the Bosphorus, watch the fishermen on the Galata bridge, looked in shops and stood in line at the Blue Mosque, we went to the cathedral Hagia Sophia, climbed the Galata Tower and visited the Sultan's palace Topkapi ...

Early in the morning our boat went to the Dardanelles, connecting the Mediterranean and the Marmara Sea. Shore with difficulty discernible in pale pink milk dawn:


In fact, this gizmo on the shore - a radar tower. With it the Turks see to it that no one slipped through the strait without paying:


The sun broke through occasionally quilt of clouds:


Sam Strait was much broader than I had imagined:


Marmara Sea, we crossed in 6 hours, and at the entrance to the Bosphorus to us climbed aboard the pilot. This is standard procedure. At each port for us to meet out the boat with a pilot who helps the captain to enter the port:


Ahead - the king's castle, or Byzantium, or Constantinople, or Istanbul:


Left - Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque), right - Hagia Sophia (Hagia Sophia):


In the area we scared away a flock of fishermen from the upper deck of our ship-like seagulls:


Left - Europe, Right - Asia:


We moored in the center, the Galata bridge, thrown over the Golden Horn:


Our 12-deck ship was above all the houses on the waterfront:


On the Galata Bridge is always a lot of fishermen:


People rybachat varied:


But the fish they catch, will fit except for cats:


The city has many cafes and restaurants. People prefer to sit at the window and observe what is happening on the street:


All the first floors of the main streets brought to stores. Particularly prone to shops with rugs and plates:



Never buy anything like that, but here on this dish, I drive, though. It was worth little more than 5,000 rubles, and once I decided not to buy it, and the next day at the Grand Bazaar, bought almost the same total for 1800 rubles, and still think that I was deceived. By the way, the seller said in Russian, and said that 5000 rubles - the price for Americans and Japanese. Apparently, the previous seller did not recognize me in Russian:


Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are located opposite each other. The area between them sell sliced ​​watermelons and installed signs that inform about free wi-fi. Although we have picked up on this grid all my gadgets, but could not download a single KB:


Blue Mosque, or Sultanahmet Mosque - the first largest and one of the most beautiful mosques of Istanbul. The mosque has six minarets: the four, as usual, on both sides, and two slightly less high - at the outer corners. It is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of Islamic architecture and the world:


The mosque was a service, and all of the tourists temporarily stopped. Unfortunately, we were severely limited in time and decided not to wait, especially since I was in during a previous visit to Istanbul :


Out of the gate is visible to the Blue Mosque Hagia Sophia - a symbol of the Golden Age of Byzantium, where 16 July 1054 the legate of the Pope gave the Patriarch of Constantinople otluchitelnuyu letter (this date is considered to be the date of the separation of churches in the Catholic and Orthodox):


Initially, the Hagia Sophia was built as an Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral, but after the capture of the city by the Ottomans, it was turned into a mosque. All the murals were smeared with plaster, as in a mosque, unlike the Christian churches can not be images of people:


Sultan Mehmed II, conquered Constantinople, personally committed to it first prayer for the glory of Allah. Later to the cathedral built a four minarets, and the cathedral into a mosque of Hagia Sophia. Since the council was focused on the Christian tradition - an altar to the east, the Muslims had pereinachit it "by-right", putting the mihrab in the southeast corner of the cathedral (the direction of Mecca):


In 1935, under a decree of Atatürk, Hagia Sophia became a museum, but with frescos and mosaics were schischeny hid them in layers of plaster:


With the Galata Tower offers a splendid panorama of the city. If you look at the bay, the Sea of ​​Marmara, where we came from, went off right in the center of the photo (for our ship), the left begins the Bosphorus, overlooking the Black Sea, a little farther it crosses the Bosphorus Bridge (on the main photo), visible on the right Galata bridge, but more to the right begins the Golden Horn. Galata Bridge can be seen to the left of the minarets of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. To the left of Ayia Sofia, at the Cape, you can see the pinnacle of Sultan Topkapi Palace, which I'll just below:


Istanbul is choking on traffic congestion and a much quicker and easier to get from one part of town to another in one of the many water buses that dart over the water area of ​​Istanbul like rabbits in the field:


In the year of my birth, through the Bosphorus suspension bridge opened in 1560 meters in length. This is the 13th bridge in the world in its length. Next to a giant bridge Ortakoy Mosque looks like a toy:


At night the Bridge shimmers like a rainbow:


In the Sultan's Topkapi Palace, we got the next morning. He is huge and surrounded by a wall of nearly a half mile:


Title Topkapi translated from Turkish means literally "cannon-gate":


The palace consists of four households (Aulus) surrounded by a wall and separated from each other. In the palace are exhibited clothes, swords, kitchen utensils Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, who actually won Constantinople:


In the courtyards divided beautiful flower beds, which are much photogenic gray walls of the palace:





The next post will be very colorful. I'll talk about what are traded on the Grand Bazaar - one of the largest covered markets in the world. Stay Tuned!

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