[kl-bogel] House leader of al Qaeda in Abbottabad

Osama bin Laden's most wanted man in the world, lived in a house in the town of Abbottabad, 60 miles (96.56 kilometers) north of the capital Islamabad. His house, like a fortress, which is described as a "typical hiding places for having a power man," was only a few minutes walk from the Military Academy Kakule, which prepares officers for the army of Pakistan.

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3. Closeup - a house in Abbottabad and walls covered with barbed wire.

4. We built the house in 2005 reached the height of the walls from 12 to 18 feet (3.65 to 5.49 meters) at the top they were protected by barbed wire. Telephone or the Internet did not exist.

5. Photo home satellite DigitalGlobe, made in 2005.

6. The house is 500 yards (457 meters) from the building of the Military Academy of Pakistan's Abbottabad, and the fact that Osama bin Laden himself lived quietly in a villa worth $ 1 million under the nose of war, aroused the suspicion that there was a double game.

7. The city is located 35 miles (56.33 kilometers) from Islamabad, there are thousands of soldiers, and the city is under government control.

8. Pakistani security forces, as a rule, have very extensive experience tracking the presence of foreigners, especially in cities with a significant military presence.

9. The Government of Pakistan in Islamabad welcomed the killing bin Laden, is a milestone in the fight against terrorism, but in a statement officials said that they felt "deep concern" due to the fact that the operation was carried out without their knowledge and notice.

10. Pakistani soldiers and two police officers patrolling the area near the house.

11. According to U.S. officials, bin Laden had tracked CIA, and then the elite army special forces "team of six» Navy SEAL, senior military anti-terrorist unit, attacked the house.

12. They attacked the shelter Bin Laden on four helicopters, and during the firefight, the terrorist was shot in the head. Barack Obama has said that no American was injured during the operation, but the helicopter had technical problems and the soldiers decided to detonate it before the end of the operation.

13. Pakistani soldiers examining the wreckage of the American military helicopter.

14. Wreckage.


16. Pakistani teenagers show metal fragments collected in a wheat field near the villa of Osama bin Laden.

17. View from within: a gaping hole in the wall of the room, where U.S. intelligence agencies have found Osama bin Laden.

18. Bedroom, where they found Osama bin Laden.

19. Blood on the floor in the bedroom, where they killed Osama bin Laden.


21. Two men who lived at the home of Osama bin Laden, they bought cold drinks and snacks in the shop in Raja Shuja Abbottabad ...

22. ... While the mechanic Wajid Mushtaq to repair a car that was used by two men who lived in the house of Osama bin Laden.

23. A sealed door to the house.

24. Pakistani police guarding the entrance to the house where he lived, Osama bin Laden.

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