[kl-bogel] Gelagat orang Jepun.

Today we have with you Japanese and Japanese ...

Text will not be, the Japanese are Japanese and in Africa, you know ... people are good and helpful!

(23 photos)

1. Guide

2. Some people

3. A girl prays

4. Girlfriends

5. Some dude

6. The statistics in one of the temple complexes

7. Supposedly a Buddhist monk

8. Girlfriends

9. Another showgirl at Kyoto Station

10. Students

11. Couple

12. Waiting for the bus ..



15. Gay guy

16. Old man

17. Girlfriends

18. Jig

19. Bikers

20. A couple of hamburgers at the festival

21. Waitress

22. Meeting ...

23. The Japanese are very friendly and cheerful people!


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