[kl-bogel] Echoes of War (14 photos)

The author writes: Two weeks ago I was with her boyfriend and "deserved" Digger or military archaeologist, as he himself calls went to look at what all these guys are digging: archaeologists, black diggers, looters and tourists. When we got into the car, I thought that otedim from the city for at least a dozen other killometrov. As a result, came into the forest, a few killometrah from my house. And there, everything is right on the surface. In general, what to say, better to show you what we found there. Notice of "equipment" we were the only gloves: everything is on the surface. Dig does not need anything

Skull of a German soldier

And it is, but maybe not, the bones

Buttons, remnants of a belt and a mouthpiece for Kotormo visible imprints of the teeth, if you look closely

Boots German

Shell, that's about the way he was lying when we noticed him, just around the flowers were smaller

Wheels from a machine gun "Maxim"

And the box of shells under

Remains of the belt

If you look closely, you can see that the gunpowder in the bullets that nearly 60 years, it is currently fit and well lit

But this hrenovina generally lay on the road

Her tail was lying a few meters away from her

And the sweet: the thing was full of phosphorus and burned in the explosion of all living things and inanimate objects within a radius of two hundred meters

And I probably would not in her life was not touched, though probably not only knew that she was discharged

Packaging from a German chocolate


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