[kl-bogel] Dominican resort. Gran Bahia Principe 5 *

Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, February 2011

Punta Cana is the most developed resort in the Dominican Republic, known on both sides of the Atlantic. Tens of kilometers proctiraetsya beach coastline, where sunbathing, tourists from the Old and New World. More than a hundred hotels, nestled in the vast territory vacation on all-inclusive. All of Russian tourists who visited the Dominican Republic, writes that found no paradise earth. Is this true? - I decided to check on their own experience.

In this post I will show photos as a standard 5 * hotel in the Dominican resort of Punta Cana in the town of Bayern Munich, will talk about an all-inclusive in the Dominican, as well as develop the myth of paradise, which turned out to rookery of hundreds of thousands of US-Canadian pensioners.

How do you get from the post of non-touristic Dominican Republic , outside the resort is very poor and dangerous country for tourists. Kill not be killed, but it is easy to rob.

In connection with these facts Dominican hotels are arranged so that tourists could not go out at all, resting for several months. It is clear that the hotel hotel's strife, but in their general mass of 5 star and 4-zvedochnye hotel complexes Punta Cana look and the same structure.

At a resort in Punta Cana located hotel known networks, which try to offer a relatively high level of service at a discount to local national characteristics.

We have chosen to rest the average 5 * Hotel Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro, who was only a small part of the huge hotel complex Gran Bahia Principe , which includes 5 hotels.



3. Here is the scheme of this huge resort complex, which consists of the following hotels: Gran Bahia Principe PREMIER (farthest hotel from the sea - walk to the beach can take up to 20 "minutes), Gran Bahia Principe BAVARO, Gran Bahia Principe PUNTA CANA, Gran Bahia Principe AMBAR and Gran Bahia ESMERALDA. Last two hotels are located closer to the sea and have fenced off beach area where you do not come on his face.

4. If you live in a hotel PREMIER or distant from the sea, buildings and hotels BAVARO PUNTA CANA - to the beach to walk 20-15 minutes! Therefore, the effective use of local hotel transportation, which runs on 3 lines (routes) that you see in the picture. We lived in the heart of hotel complex, however, rarely go on foot, because even the distance from our house (or houses, 35, as they call names here) to go was very, very well.

5. Here is the trains themselves, which regularly ply the vast site.

6. The full route is 5.6 stops. Unfortunately, the wait can transport up to 15! minutes. But waiting, there can be no elementary climb, as he stuffed to the eyeballs at the last stop. You understand that it is easier for this time to go to the beach on foot.

Farthest Hotel Premier is far beyond the reception areas for hotels in Bavaro and Punta Cana.
I know that there Celita tourist operator Tez tour, citing this accommodation so that, in Bavaro Punta Cana, or was not there, and tourists are free of charge increase category rooms. Russian vividly being on the word "PREMIER" and stories about what this building is much better and newer than the rest, only the next day knowing that they stuck to a distance of 1 km from the sea on the seventh line.

We were the only ones who lived in a reserved room in Bavaro (Hacienda club) in the center of the hotel complex, and then I think that the reason why in my letter directly to the hotel.

7.Tak looks quiet hotel zone Premier - the farthest from the sea.

8. A small swimming pool Premier

9. Just behind the complex PREMIER is the most distant part of the hotel's other guests - Spanish Village.

10. Here, in stylized shops sell a variety of souvenirs and other products to tourists.
To replenish your holiday wardrobe and buy all sorts of gift items to numerous relatives and friends outside the hotel to go out is not necessary. All can be purchased at the hotel.


12. There is also an area where the evening's animation, disco for children. There is even a casino. In general, with the evening at the hotel begins kepet local social life. Women dress up almost in evening gowns, and in the reception area, which serves nearly 50 types of cocktail parties to find a place not just because all companies employing American and Canadian retirees, taste the drinks on the basis of Dominican rum.



15. Practically throughout the hotel complex you can walk freely. Houses, which offers rooms look exactly the same. We lived on the 3 floor. Each hotel has its own swimming pool, reception and restaurant for breakfast-lunch-dinner. Such separation helps to get rid of the crush and dissolve a lot of people.

Below the photograph is unrealistic and green landscaped area hotel complex Gran Bahia Principe.







22. This is a swimming pool for hotel guests Bavaro. If you want to swim in another pool, then you will be asked out. Around each pool is written, guests of the hotel can use it.






28. BAVARO on site has a separate area, called DIAMOND CLUB. For them, proposed a separate pool, where there is no screaming on all cylinders, and music can be found at any time, loungers, unlike other places.



31. On the territory grow here such bananchiki


33. This hotel reception AMBAR, which I recommend to choose for those who are thinking to go to Gran Bahia Principe. The hotel is closer to the sea, has a private swimming pool near the beach and part of its "own" fenced off the beach.

34. And here is the swimming pool AMBAR


36. Another hotel close to the sea is ESMERALDA. Below 2 pictures from there. In the territory feel calm and peace.


38. With regard to numbers, the PREMIER, BAVARO, PUNTA CANA and AMBAR almost the same number. Looks like this. This is our hotel room in BAVARO, Club Hacienda.

This category is called a Junior suite.

39. The main thing about the room: if you do not include air conditioning, you die from lack of air. Unbelievable wet! All things smelled. Even after washing the house smell is completely gone. We rested for a week!

40. We lived on the 3 rd floor, the first thought that climbing the stairs hard. Then we realized gains. Soundproofing no! Under the windows are constantly yelling US-Canadian company.

41. TV shows a lot of good channels, including several Russian.

42. In the room free of charge every day, drinking water, tea, coffee, complimentary mini-bar, in which water, fanta, cola, and 2 cans of beer.



45. In the cabinet find slippers and a bathrobe. After calling at the reception, gown brought, but no belt.
Towels eerie gray. As soon as I turned on the tap, feeling awful smell of chlorine.
If it were not for cholera in neighboring Haiti, I would not put unrealistic chlorination of water a plus. From bed linen smell, have understood, chlorine and humidity.

46. Cleaning is a very strange and may last throughout the day. That is, you can come to the beach at 16.00, but the number will not be removed. Everything to everyone in fig. In the Dominican Republic is normal. Local cleaning from morning till night screaming at the door. Without the air conditioner or TV during the day do not rest.

Local gels and shampoos do not foam at all - so I advise to carry your own.

47. Here's our view.

48. Regarding the subject of cholera, which we impose sanitary inspector Onishchenko, then, arriving in the Dominican Republic, and seeing what level of care supports the hotel and how many Americans and Canadians drink and eat and mustache is not blowing, you forget the word "cholera" forever.

Each toilet is proposed 4-stage disinfection system. See picture. Most products, including ice bricks for cocktails, imported from the United States.


50. If you do not really conscious, simply because the restaurant you will not enter. You forcibly prysnut on hand disinfectants gel that instantly absorbed.

51. As for food, then this is the best system of all-inclusive I've ever seen. All products are very good. Every day in the main restaurant, themed dinners, several kinds of meat, fish, seafood and various fruits and vegetables. At the party dominikaskoy cuisine offered drinking coconuts, whole roasted pigs, lambs, fish.

If Turkey and Egypt, nearly all the hotels as the alcoholic beverages offered frank swipes, here you can safely drink it. An excellent table wine. In the all-inclusive "includes champagne. The bar at the reception for more than 50 kind of shakes.
Besides the main restaurant has 8 restaurants "a la carte, if rested a week - you can enroll in only 3.
The first time the main restaurant was better than "a la carte." If not signed up - you should not get upset.

52.A now talk about the main attribute of the holiday in the resort - the beach area.

So looks like a huge okoloplyazhny pool. Despite the cute appearance, places here do not find either the morning or afternoon, not evening. All day screaming music and unreal number of people.



55. Now let's go to the beach and look for the start pretty pictures. Yes! Beautiful pictures! It is such as photos, from 55 to 61 are placed Russian tourists, who arrived from the Dominican Republic and call this place a paradise earth.







62. Only now the harsh reality of a season is not like that. When I went to the beach, I nearly fainted on the number of people and density of the lounges. Ibiza and Turkey in the season nervously smoking in aside! Transitions of the Moscow metro - is zero, no sticks, compared with a dense crowd amerikosy and Canadians moving along the coastline.

For clarity, consider the picture.



65. Free lager is impossible to find! See special lecture series lounges? Canadian seniors have scored a place, BUT
occupying the same space with some pool, they may not appear during the day.



68. To fully enjoy the paradise on earth, I advise you to click on the picture below. Would you like to stroll along the beach paradise? WARNING! A lot of people!

At first I thought it picked the wrong hotel. Not too lazy and went for 2 km to the left and right. The same pattern of "Rush Hour in the transitions of the Moscow subway." Pictures 55-62 are made to understand in a small area between the hotels. It was there, I suppose, like to arrange photo session of the Russian fans of Caribbean adventures, go to "paradise."

Of course! can not tell just what was in the Dominican Republic and the rest is bad! We must get up early in the morning! Make-up, pre-tan, to put the best swimsuit and go! Further, before the invasion of tourists to capture 100 frames and make them sign "I am in paradise."

Click on the picture!

Great photo and a link look here.



71. As I said, free sunbeds as early as 10 am, not at all, since they are engaged in numerous tourists from the New World in the evening here so here's a way.

Dishes from the restaurant on the beach ...

72. Flip-flops, bottles, towels ...


74. That is the most heavenly zone between the two hotels. Only there I was able to swim ...




78. The Dominican Republic is a very popular venue for weddings. I at one time she thought to spend a symbolic ceremony, for example, on the beach. But seeing firsthand how it looks, crossed that abandoned this naiglupeyshey idea.
Imagine how you pace in a wedding dress on the beach, the eyeballs fatty amerikosy downtrodden and elderly Canadians who are flickers in front of you cellulite there ... and naked sagging tits (alas, it's surrounding reality). Cool wedding?

Contingent rest creepy! Russian - rednecks?? Ear-ha! Compared with what I saw, Russian - it's intelligent and one of the most educated nations. Sober-minded Americans and Canadians to the lack of intelligence on his face, but with a sense of unreal superiority, will give odds to every company of drunken Russian men from a remote village. When my ear yelling another Canadian (spoken in 10 meters away from me with the company of compatriots), I prayed to God that there was a drunken Russian style company and asked them to heat.

79. The alternative to not see bare unsightly solid, it was a wedding in the garden. Here looks very nice).

80. The result of the following: I did not see global differences with Turkey in general. Is that the food is better, but considering the cost of the tour, for the same 100-150 thousand you can go to a good Turkish hotel and grief do not know. And as for the 200,000 and massage in a Turkish bath in the appendage. If the season is unreal number of people, it turns out, we should not go in the season. But in the fig so far as to fly?? If there is the same as Turkey and Europe?? There, you can safely travel without fear for their safety.

In the Dominican Republic outside the hotel can not leave quietly. Willing to take a ride in a car across the country will find a lot of nuances and complexities. Signs and traffic rules are not available, no roads. Get lost easily, can steal in broad daylight. The local cafe is better not to eat. In English no one speaks, one must know Spanish. The cost of the proposed tour is just fantastic! From $ 100 per person - so not much to see.

What is so attractive to the Russians, Dominican Republic? I have left is not clear. Clear Ocean and quality all inclusive and the fact that they rested not in Turkey?

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