[kl-bogel] Closure of the hotel and casino "Sahara" in Las Vegas

After working for 59 years, the hotel and casino "Sahara", made in the Moroccan style, are closed. Once it rested Elvis Presley and The Beatles, but in recent years, hotel and casino located on the decline. In its heyday, "Sahara" was a favorite place of Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford), and even Sinatra performed there. The resort even flashed in the original version of the film "Ocean's Eleven", filmed in 1960.

In 2007, the impresario of a nightclub in Los Angeles, Sam Nazarian, took over management of "Sahara." But in March, his company, SBE Entertainment, announced that it considers hotel and casino "not economically viable." This is the end of a legend.

(17 photos)

Marlene Dietrich sings at the opening of the hotel and casino "Sahara" on Oct. 4, 1955.

Marcia Rogers with the Colt 45-gauge trains in the shooting at the "Sahara" in November 1961 during the annual championship newcomers in the shooting.

Wedding Ceremony Vidal Sassoon and Beverly Adams at the "Sahara" on Feb. 16, 1967. From left to right - Sassoon, Adams and Katie MakElman.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Michael Wilding, March 7, 1956.

Complex "Sahara" in 1971.

Complex "Sahara" in 1974.

Sid Caesar, center, and Imogen Coca, right, rehearse in front of his debut in "Sahara," September 15, 1977. Left - Michael Frome.

Singer Tony Bennett, 10 April 1977.

"Sahara" 11 May 2011, a week before closing.

Casino "Sahara" working for the last hour - 16 May.

Disabled slot machines in the last day of the casino "Sahara."

Charles Krebs, 76, known in a complex "Sahara" as "Eddie the Hat", spends the day in a bar in the last day of the complex May 16, 2011.

Hotel Sahara "on the last day of work. Once stayed here during the concerts Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Completion of work in the last day.

Las Vegas. - View of the casino "Sahara" on May 11.

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