[kl-bogel] China. Heilongjiang Province. Heihe city. (8 photos)

China. Heilongjiang Province. Heihe city. (8 photos)

Russian Village "- a Sino-Russian fleet of national traditions, which is located in the western district of the Chinese city of Heihe Heilongjiang Province, on the southern shore of the Amur River, opposite the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk. Sham village was created as a decoration for the shooting of the Chinese TV series "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", based on the novel by Boris Vasilyev. The series was filmed in the Amur region and the neighboring Chinese city of Heihe. It is worth noting that China appreciates the Soviet films, and famous singers like to perform translations of Chinese songs of the former Soviet Union. Of the older generation leaves no one indifferent motives of the songs: "Katyusha" and "Moscow Nights."
Directed by Mao Vynin did my favorite version of the Soviet film in China: "The Dawns Here Are Quiet." After filming, enterprising Chinese have a park where everyone can see firsthand the location site and take a stroll through the streets of the "Russian Village".

Skillful hands, the Chinese built a village, the Orthodox church.
Stack of birch wood in front of the house with a wooden pipe.

Birch fence, green grass, blue sky and sunflowers everywhere - this is the Chinese way "of the Russian countryside.

The Chinese tourist park is in great demand. Perhaps visitors can get a very distorted impression of the rustic way of life "during the Great Patriotic War", but you must not forget that this is not a museum, a park created from the scenery. As just a pleasant stroll on this fabulous village

Chinese woman playing the harp flute.

Guard for the preservation of government property and public order.

Several houses in the village all the buildings are real, others - imitation, made from scrap timber. Multiseries budget movie made 10 million yuan, of which the construction of the village took about 1 million yuan.

About the series:
The main role of the show were given to the Moscow actors. Petty Vaskova played Andrei Sokolov, girls - students and graduates VGIK. Rita Osyaninu sang Tatiana Ostap Kiryanov Zoe - Lyudmila Kolesnikova. Communicate with the Russian artists director of the film Mao Vyninu assisted by six interpreters.
Chinese people have greatly expanded the plot story, the script took 700 pages, whereas the original seven times smaller.
Russian actor managed to convince the Chinese director, in Russian villages have never eaten porcelain spoons, and the Germans not to drink vodka from the bottle. "According to the Chinese scenario, Soviet soldiers were used against the fascists in-shu - with a smile recalls shooting actor Amur Drama Jury Rogalev. - With difficulty explained to them that Russian hit in the face without any bag of tricks. "

Preview of the movie (caution in Chinese)

China g.Heyhe "Russian village".


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