[kl-bogel] Character of the men in his cowardice (8 photos)

Psychology knows of many ways in which can only be on the outside vidu.Harakter men can learn even by his cowardice. ...

Swimming trunks
Men who prefer shorts trunks are usually picky with laughter. They love to have fun and to bring his partner. Yet such men are usually followed by her appearance for her figure and do not miss a chance to once again run into the gym. Unfortunately, with a man in shorts, bathing suit do not always have something to talk about it or constantly repeat the same thing, or simply do not find anything to say. But if you're looking for the perfect partner for fun, then this is exactly what you need.

Boxer shorts
The man, who prefers boxer shorts, a great original, but not in bed. In life it may seem unique and unusual, but in bed, alas, he is lazy. Such a man accustomed to gratify his name, but not vice versa. In the laugh was selfish. Although, that said, the company is the best option. He was always joking successfully draws attention; with fun and interesting. But be prepared for that night you have to "work for free." Get him to do something almost impossible.

Cycling shorts for men without a bicycle may seem strange from the phenomenon. But despair not worth it, especially since this type comes across very rarely. The man in "velosipedkah" not afraid of difficulties, like adventure, do not stop there. Always lovingly refers to the partner, in the gentle laughter and original. Typically, a handsome man, so you'll have to endure the envious glances of women when you are with your "cycling" will choose a partner for a walk. But it's too bad!

Family briefs
Before you mock the man in the family pants, better read these lines. Firstly, such a man appreciate the comfort and care of their health. And if a man is health, temperament and more than enough! Secondly, the man in the semeynikah "usually gentle, affectionate, umen.Takie usually ready for a long term relationship, but too jealous of them need to be careful. But in general they are nice and friendly, these should not be missed!

A man in a thong it even sounds strange. Perhaps it is acceptable if it is dancing to the page ** Teese club and thong is his indispensable accessory + But if not, you should carefully consider. Perhaps he, among you, like all men! However, this is not always the case. Just men in thongs are susceptible to various smehualnye experiments. Always wanted something unusual and sharp little in bed? Then this type of yours! It will certainly ask you to at least three of laughter.

Unlike shorts from the "Boxers" and "semeynikov" consists in the fact that they are wider than the family pants, but shorter than boxer shorts. This is not the most convenient option for socks. A man in shorts uncollected scattered. Sometimes slow, sometimes overly fussy. In laughter, it is up to the banal neponyatliv and illegible, constantly doing something wrong and can not cope with their feelings. Night with him could turn into an agonizing wait for the morning.

No panties
There are men who do not recognize the underwear. Do not immediately grab his head with the thought: "He's an exhibitionist!" Surely it just so comfortable, though at first it may seem strange. Rather, he celibate, that you will not survive long. In laughter, it can be both good and not so all depends on his mood. Man without pants windy and changeable, it is very easy to lose if you do not follow him in both.

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