[kl-bogel] Cappadocia: Cave Castle Uchhisar

Learn-to-user Maria Pavlova wrote: All the territory of Cappadocia - is a unique geological formation: a few tens of kilometers along the valley lie the small mountains of volcanic origin. This mountain of so-called tufa - sedimentary rock, is relatively easy treatable. Several thousands of wind and moisture - and the mountains began to get weird flowing shapes. A couple of thousand years ago, these rocks are cut down multi-room home, Cappadocia, entire communities have become a city.

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1. Uchhisar - one of the most densely populated villages of this type. In fact, of course, much of the population lives in the modern village, near the famous broken rocks, but the accommodations are in themselves the rocks, and at first glance - some of them not only to attract tourists.


3. Castle Uchhisar - a huge rock, like a Swiss cheese with holes. She was all dotted with rooms, tunnels and mazes. Why is the rock nicknamed the castle, hard to say exactly. Perhaps partly due to the fact that this is one of the biggest "people" of rocks in the neighborhood, from the top of which offers a great view of the valley.

4. Settle in these rocks, presumably, would be convenient and practical. On the one hand, tufa - a malleable material, so cut inside a rock cave is not an example easier than cut it, say, in the stone. On the other - in these caves is convenient to hide: the part is not seen nothing except a small hole-entry, and therefore sometimes not guess how big the room may be hiding inside.

5. Nowadays, some caves reinforced and rebuilt: it seems they are used as sheds and barns. Some modern homes and almost completely attached very close to the caves: cave rooms so much more convenient to use.


7. Such as completion of the ancient caves with a modern twist I've seen in the Jordanian Petra: there is also some caves were rebuilt into modern houses, sheds or garages. But there it was, rather, all the same except for: Peter - this is still a museum, while Cappadocia - residential area.


9. Accommodation.

10. Some even put the windows.

11. There are, of course, and homes that have traditionally shown to tourists.


13. The owners of these houses earn by selling all sorts of souvenirs (from statues of Cappadocia to knitting socks). At the bottom of the rock had been closed to tourists premises. Perhaps the owners live there, although they probably still go here "on paper" from a neighboring village.





18. On the part of the house in the rock looks pretty nice: the gate, stairs, flowers in pots ...

19. One of the most beautiful views in all of Cappadocia views from the top of the castle Uchhisar.





24. Here it is, a large modern village which lies near the foot.







31. Uchhisar himself from the party.

32. Won so flag is an observation deck.

33. It was somewhere at the bottom of the cave village.




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