[kl-bogel] Bold washers high-altitude

Many people do not like washing windows, because it's not very pleasant process. Okay, if you wash a pair of windows in her apartment, but harder to wash them in an office high-rise building. To the aid of high altitude, the main work which is washing skyscraper windows. Next to you is very interesting ways to wash windows.

(12 photos)

1. Window-cleaner Petronas Towers 88-story skyscraper in Malaysia.

2. And this is a crazy grandmother decided independently to wipe the outside pane of glass.

3. In 2005, five professional cleaners, using high-pressure washers, undertook the difficult task - to clean the memorial to Mount Rushmore. This mountain is known for its granite rock carved a giant bas-relief height 18.6 meters, which is a sculptural portraits of four U.S. presidents. Professionals washed national treasure for 3 weeks.

4. The man decided to wipe the windows that he could not get inside. He just put the ladder on the thin edge of the cornice and with zeal rubs the glass.

5. Good idea!

6. Window-cleaner does what he likes in front of court during a tennis tournament in Monte Carlo, where there is a match between Igor Andreev and Marino Cilic. It seems, it's absolutely not embarrassed.

7. At least he trying to help.

8. In 2007, the team of workers with a safety belts fastened to the buckets with water to wash face come from Big Ben. Mr Larkin in 1930 was already doing such work.

9. And here's another brave lady.

10. You need to have nerves of steel to be cleaner in Dubai. The employee got on the outside window ledge, he needs all just wipe the window in the apartment of a special scraper for cleaning windows. What is unusual - perhaps only that the apartments are located on 34 floor in the area of ​​Jumeirah, Dubai. He stands on the edge of the ledge, holding on to the window frame, and performs its everyday work.


12. And finally, one more funny picture: "Two staircases - are better than one, is not it?"

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