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[kl-bogel] Barcelona Zoo

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Zoo in Barcelona was opened in 1982, his "people" is situated on the territory of 13 hectares in the Ciutadella Park and is about 7500 ekzemlyarov. Of course, all of them to show it does not, but here's the most interesting of them can be seen. This report - hippos, rhinos, peacocks, mavliny, sleeping adults Sleepless children, penguins and other representatives of wondrous wildlife.

Before visiting the zoo you can walk in the park, sit on a bench in the shade. Even the form of a fountain in the July heat is refreshing.

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Next to the mammoth voluntary animator entertains children inflating some huge bubbles. The children watched with gaping mouths, and after each "run" vigorously expressed delight.

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While the children find the strength to walk in this scorching heat, the adults are asleep.

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Sleep anywhere, and sleep sweetly, sleep, so that looking at them, too, want to have slumped somewhere on the lawn Tenek and take a nap a couple hours.

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Finally got through the realm of sleep in the animal kingdom.

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Received a cash card and went into the jungle. Near me there were several expeditions, but in the end our routes razmyanulis.

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For lovers of comfortable travel in space, there are now electric cars. But we are not looking for easy ways.

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What's especially nice in this "jungle", so this space aviaries and cages. Local residents are not restricted in movement and feel as free.

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For someone who is watching, I wonder? :-)

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Pink flamingos are actually born white, and pink just in time. They live in large flocks, one I've even seen in Cyprus - flamingos flew to winter on salt lake near Larnaca.

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Do pelicans too siesta.

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At the Watering met colleagues to study the animal world.

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Some of the most popular characters - the monkey. Apparently, the close relationship of man to pull these animals.

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King Kong

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Nothing that I have for you face?

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Very funny animal.

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And looked at each other - he at them, but they are at it :-)

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Here are some lucky, that might dabble in their own pool. Incidentally, the Barcelona Zoo participates in the European program for the breeding of penguins in captivity. There is such a program, it turns out.

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Although it seemed to me that they and the sun very well.

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Enclosures for peacocks there, move across freely. I saw how they fly, looking in the trash and aggressively beg for food in the cafe for the visitors.

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Finally got to the habitat heavyweights.

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For the longest time watching hippos. After an hour of wavering in the heat I wanted to become a behemoth and lie down in the water.

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Not only do they have their own pool, so they poured more water while they dined.

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On my visit to the zoo and ended. Forces was not, like a cold beer, eat and go to bed :-)

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After completion of expedition, my colleagues from the geographical community, tired and happy, waiting for the school bus. Shared their impressions, eat or just sitting on the ground, contemplating the world around us.

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That is all. In addition, the report recommends to see a post about the Moscow Zoo .

At this my notes from Barcelona ended. And tomorrow, offers to make walking tour of Madrid.

Gallery Albums

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